Atlas Black Screen of Death: Standard Fix

I often have the black screen of death issue on my IPad while playing in atlas. I’m aware Zendesk writes out the trouble shooting steps to fix it when you ask them, but I’ve always found a visual guide is easier to follow. So here’s my visual guide:

Enter settings and go to general and then storage.

Locate War Dragons and click on it.

Select the Offload App button, don’t select delete or you’ll have to wait on the files all redownloading.

Turn your device to airplane mode.

Hard restart your device, I believe I covered all the ways to do it here, but if I missed one, consult google.

After you hard restart your device, turn off airplane mode.

Click on the War Dragons app to reinstall it. (Note that if you deleted your app instead of offloading it you will have to redownload through the app store, it could also take up to 4 hours to redownload all files.)

I do believe this issue primarily affects IPad users, but it never hurts to be aware of it in case you ever experience it or in case you need to help a friend out with it.

Pro tip: the same fix normally works for the webpage timed out issues in the event.


Pictures posted out of order… give me a second to reorder them


Is it weird that I was just waiting around for a new topic to appear so I could read it? :eyes:


only missing one step it’s the final step once all this hasn’t worked so you do this:

step 1: uninstall wd
step 2: ask your store provider for a refund if you spent money
step 3: go outside fine a new game just anything but don’t install wd again
step 4: lead a much happier life

Where’s the picture of the optional step? :pleading_face:
Youtube video is better


Hey, if someone makes me a video of the optional step, I’ll link it in :joy::joy: i nominate @GhostRider419


Sure just let me find a bedsheet I don’t mind cutting eyeholes into



Does doing all of this fix it permanently or just temporarily? When I have this issue I just hard restart my phone and I’m good for a few weeks.

Just temporarily, I have to do it every 1-2 weeks normally


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