Atlas Bookmarks

The bookmark section in atlas could use some help. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make it so we can group the bookmarked castles in other ways besides just alphabetical regions. Being able to group them by team would be great! We could create and title folders and then put the bookmarked castle in the folder we want. It could stay as default the way it is now if no one wants to use it that way, but I think this idea would be very helpful… at least to my team😋 Thanks for considering


Even personal bookmarks would be nice… where you can edit the bookmark name and “share” to the main bookmark page (even if it’s limited to the old alphabetical/region style still)

Right now, I just type lists with coordinates and send an in-game mail to myself (to have in the inbox and sent mail) and resend it to “bump” it from time to time.

It works, but it’s quite cumbersome to manage.

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I hadn’t thought of that - good idea. However, it doesn’t help the team for things such as bubble raids, etc. After this whole kw debacle, though, I’m not sure if changing anything is a good idea​:grimacing::joy::man_shrugging: