Atlas branch cost

anyone has any idea how much glory/ chests it takes to complete one whole branch (all 3 sections) of atlas offensive gears? for this current souldance season.

Elite line: 329,250 badges - 602.5k glory
Mythic line: 166,625 badges - 305k glory
Prim line: 43,750 badges - 80k glory
Rider line: 164,625 badges - 301.2k glory
(I assume the rider lines have gone back to original value and not the discounted value of the ‘mini season’, I honestly haven’t checked, but that should be correct if it’s the original value)


for the elite lines, is it for both (eg. 2 elite lines under offensive gear) or just 1?

Just one :slight_smile: Same goes for everything else

ah I see. sorry for the bother, but any idea/ rough estimate how many troops it will require one to have?

For just the elite gear line?
You need roughly 600K glory, with with a perfect 1.5 ratio means 400K troops must die, but they am also be revived,
If you’re active in atlas, keep training and healing troops you can complete and elite line with 100K troops, but it may take some time.
(100K as starting point)

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Ru’s math sounds dependable enough - I’ve never paid attention to how many troops it takes personally :sweat_smile:

Also depends whether or not you have elite,
It is easy to complete just an elite line within 3 months if that is all you want to do.
Having enough to fill up your revives however, is also a good idea as it means easy points in troop -training- healing events

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personally I do have elite. if aiming for mythic gear, how should I go about with troops? do I need to train like a lot beforehand? how do I gain the best glory ratio? I’ve never participated in atlas pvp season, this is my first time so sorry for all the questions and if they seem dumb lol

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That’s fine
The more troops the better.
You want to go on the offensive getting 5 flames when possible, and your prim needs better ATK than the defending primarch. Hit someone who gives 100%, or close to 100% glory and you’re good.

oh I see. so if aiming for mythic gear, how many troops will be roughly needed?

100K, 400K, depends on the player.

im very active, train troops all the time, but its nearly half the season over and I still haven’t completed an elite line. total glory gained would be between 300-400k. any tips?

In what ways do you get most of your glory? I don’t know if you said this or not but it’s a good question.
Also going to a lower ranked team In Atlas that still does CG swaps really is beneficial.

glory swaps with other players. my team does cg swaps, but its not often/ regular

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I’d definitely start looking into sniping enemy castles.
There is a video by War Dragon Attacks in YT about sniping

Ive seen that video but I don’t know if I can, cuz my team has a rule about it, were not allowed to hit any enemy castles

You could try a pirate team. They have no rules when it comes to sniping. Look into WeLive4War. They’re a friendly bunch😇

Idk whether I’m more impressed by Ru’s channel promotion for his teammate or crypt’s recruitment pitch :joy:


You don’t need to be in a pirate team
Being pirate means less CG you can hit, no egg tokens, etc.
However, it means you can hit whoever you want, whenever you want.
VikingsDK isn’t a super high rank, only has 2 castles to defend (which also means more gold due to bonuses), almost 700 egg tokens a day, and sniping is allowed!
Yes, I’m just wanting to one up you. There’s pros and cons to both but I would definitely recommend they find a new team that lets you snipe. It’s a lot of fun and can be good glory.