Atlas button missing?

I thought Atlas wasn’t going down until Thursday?

@PGJared @pgEcho @PGDave @PGEggToken

It is there for me after I made multiple attempts to get into the game. It kept telling me I needed a valid internet connection.

Once I got in I got a long, long load screen trying to get into battle. Had to close out.

Seems the server is not working optimally.

Edit: just had a token mission change as well. Had two. Started on 4 hour, went back to double check how many times I needed to cast the skill for the 1 hour mission and it had changed to a damage mission for a different dragon.

Something is very wonky even for this game.

I got the unable to setup atlas error a few times and relaunched. I got into the game fine, but the atlas button is GONE.

Update: Button eventually appeared without a relogin.

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