[Atlas] Castle Defense Changes part 2 - Official Discussion Thread

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes?
  • Can’t wait! (Positive)
  • Not much of a difference (Neutral)
  • Don’t really like it (Negative)

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This has potential to make things a little livelier. We will see.


I’m not convinced this will have much of an impact unless the plan is to run with small incremental changes, assess them and continuously iterate until you hit a sweet spot?

As many others pointed out the main issue is the structure of the map itself which promotes inactivity by being way to defensive. Players have optimized the mechanics to place low atlas rank meat shields on the outside followed by medium teams 1-2 hops in and the large teams 2-5+ hops in.

A move to positional dominance is likely still the best way forward.


Doesn’t seem like much of a difference honestly, but it seems like a step in the right direction! It’s mostly just nice to see changes to try to improve Atlas.


Seems like it will only change things at the higher end, but a good change nonetheless.


Can we just go full access so we can eliminate that as well to mitigate player loss! :pray:
Because It won’t help or make a bit of difference!

It will however increase the speed at which stagnation sets in because yep more access means more burden of play and even more rapid stagnation!

Ultimately it will encourage and support organized piracy and privateering which will replace meat shields and unbalanced access as our number one issue and yep we will still have stagnation! Lol :man_shrugging:

Can we pull the band aid off now?
Can we actually adjust something that will impact this games map!?


Every change only benefits the one mega alliance left so therefore it’s meaningless. Mega alliances have to be addressed first.


Your examples and the table make this seem to be only a tier 5 castle. Can you confirm this is only for t5 castles? Or what other tiers will be affected?

Lvl 4 castles go to lvl 9 fort and lvl 3 castles go to lvl 6 fort. Both are affected.


Thank you! Sometimes I forget the basics :rofl::rofl:

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Any news about glory bands? It’s beyond ridiculous how many hits 300s and low 400s get from 500s …


Yep and mega alliances and all the major issues have a single cause and it’s the core mechanic! Lol

A closer look at map design and the cause of stagnation


This change should be more aggressive imo. But at least it’s a step.


So it’s basically a one off glory bump to any team with safe T4’s and 5’s.

Guards swapping unaffected

due to mega alliance imbalance in numbers it just adjusts the ease of biggest one getting more castles a bit.


What about changes to how many teams on a castle? Never mind the guards. Guards are easy to get into. It’s the 50 teams that provide a buffer (and major lag) to the 1 team that’s a problem.

No reason should there ever be 5 vs 50 and vice versa.


I kinda don’t understand this as most high tier castle belong to 1 alliance shouldn’t the other alliance is benefits as they have less guard to clear now?


No because there’s only one mega alliance left, and 30 diamond teams will come running with their skirts hiked up every time. It only helps one side.



Maybe the only competent one, but there’s definitely a few others.

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There are several small alliances. That doesn’t matter when one alliance has most of the diamond teams in the game+access everywhere from their hundreds of minions

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