[Atlas] Castle Defense Changes part 2!

Castle Defense Changes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Based on the discussions we had around Atlas design, we decided to make some changes to Castle Defenses. This is is the second part of the previous Castle Defense changes.

What we found is that the higher-tier Castles, with full capacity of Castle Guards, were too strong defensively. For this reason, starting from Fort Level 4, we are scaling down the max Guards capacity.

For the exact numbers, please refer to the table below.

Castle Guards Changes

Fort Level New CG Max Old CG Max Diff
0 1M 1M unchanged
1 1.33M 1.33M unchanged
2 1.67M 1.67M unchanged
3 2M 2M unchanged
4 2.25M 2.33M -83k
5 2.5M 2.67M -167k
6 2.75M 3M -250k
7 3M 3.33M -333k
8 3.25M 3.67M -426k
9 3.5M 4M -500k
10 3.67M 4.33M -667k
11 3.83M 4.67M -833k
12 4M 5M -1M

Note: Simultaneously with the above, the daily hiring limit of Castle Guards increases to 12% of max capacity

What Happens to Excess Troops?

In light of these changes, the Troops that exceed the new maximum will be refunded to teams in the form of team Glory.

Example: a Tier 5 castle had 5M Castle Guards prior to update. After the update, that castle’s CG’s are capped at 4M - said team loses 1M troops on that Castle, but receives 1M team Glory

When Can We See These Changes?

These changes should be applied some time next week. Please be sure to check back for any updates/changes to the projected release window.


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