[Atlas] Castle Defense Updates

Dragon Lords,

Gather ‘round the War Table, for we have new strategies at hand. They say a good defense is the best offense, try telling that to a hungry dragon, am I right?

Gone are the days when you’ve just unpacked and all of a sudden you are being violently thrown out by chainmail invaders before you get your favorite tapestries on the walls! “Ugh, Mom! They broke my Jaalkan collector’s edition wine goblet! How can I raise a toast to The Partisan now?”

We hear you.

Anyway, we’ve updated the mechanics around Castle Guards and Castle Defense to make it easier to defend and keep your newly conquered castles.

Here’s what the changes are:

  • Conquered castles will now start with level 1 of each infrastructure building
    • Previously started with 0
  • Castle Guard hiring is now blocked by enemy primarchs if an enemy primarch has over 5k troops
    • Previously Castle Guard hiring was blocked if there were any enemy primarchs present
  • Increased the troop revive ratio for weaker players that get attacked by stronger players
    • The buff is only applied to the defender if the defender is attacked at their team’s or ally’s castle. The buff is scaled by the glory penalty the attacker has. The more glory penalty, the more the revive ratio is buffed. The revive ratio buff is capped at 90%.

We’ll be rolling this out soon, and we’ll keep an eye on how the changes affect the gameplay and continue to tweak as necessary.

Please give the changes some time to take effect so you can fully experience them - and then return to the forums, or submit tickets, telling us what you think.

  • The War Dragons Team

Thank you for this specific change and this update in general.

Could we know how much it changed?


Have you conquered anything lately?


Nice 5k is sufficient enough that we won’t be seeing 1000 prim to block guard ever again




good because we have to hit them and it kinda sucks destroying smaller teams just to get bigger teams

just dont tell me that if a 700 hits a 530 that the 530 gets a better revive rate lol that would totally be unfair say it is off den levels :stuck_out_tongue: and if that is the case your going to lose some cash lol because of screwing higher levels that paid for more towers


Can we have some more information on this please? What the changes would be and how it’ll be decided if a player is ‘weaker’ as compared to another player?


now if only i had a castle :pleading_face:

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Do NOT turn this topic political. This thread is not about that, kindly stay on the topic of simply giving your impression about these changes, thank you.


Here comes Potato!!


as is yours hun, this is not about dropping land and they can give to whom they please period the facts are they dropped the land no one forced them to that alliance does not want to atlas anymore they drop land to avoid troop loss even tho they do not have to!

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And maybe not everything is a conspiracy theory and this has been in the works for weeks to months.

Companies work on a long time scale. They don’t react to what players do now regarding code changes. Code changes take weeks or months of planning and execution.

It is your own fault if you jump to conclusions that simply are unfounded except in your mind.


you realize that pg has meeting to discuss changes? they said they are slowly working on it as they are and i am far from a troll i am being honest

k :slight_smile:


Let’s stay on topic and discuss these awesome new changes.


Is this when defending your own castle or in general?

Keep the questions coming, I will ask once everyone is online!


What is the definition of weaker player and stronger player ? What is taken into account here? Castle; atlas power ; player level; den level? Because there lots of high tier castles being hold by not so high level teams does that makes them weaker or stronger?


You mean like diamond teams attacking sapphire teams?

No i did not.

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interesting changes on the mechanics thank you for the update.

interested to understand the numbers and how this will work ref lower players having to attack higher players etc.

Also regarding defending please can you advise when the enfeeble cooldown is going to be shortened ?
Rationale: Often a smaller player / team will need to use it to attack the larger accounts and are only able to use it once every 10 minutes. Which is a greater issue issue now that the blockade time has been drastically shortened and that mechanics to hit guards have been altered to make it easier to hit.

Look forward to your reply.