Atlas: Castle Management Redesign

Dragon Lords,

Castle management is an essential part of Atlas. For a while, there’s been a lot of outdated information being displayed in this part of the game. Like “Location” in the Castle screen doesn’t really have any meaning. Or on the Building page, the information on the left panel isn’t quite clear (what does level X mean and why is there a timer icon right next to the coin amount), and doesn’t utilize the space well. So after giving it some thought and after a few mock-ups, we decided it’s time to improve the general way information is displayed in Atlas.

We believe that we need to make the look for Castle Management better, and most importantly, we believe we need to make information easier to access. Thus, we will be redesigning the user interface/user experience of Atlas. We hope that our revamped look not only improves the information hierarchy and accessibility when it comes to managing castles, but that it also makes the castle management experience for team officers easier. Check out a few of the Before and After shots below!

Note: We plan on releasing this update early next week.

  • Fort Building Before:

  • Fort Building After:

  • HQ Building Screen Before:

  • HQ Building screen After:

  • Bank Building Before:

  • Bank Building After:

  • Tower Building Before:

  • Tower Building After:

Are you happy with these changes, or not really? Make sure to visit the following Forum Thread to let us know!


Ooo pretty


Dual banker slots and remove buttons :heart_eyes: