Atlas castle sos button


Can we have an sos button so we dont have to scroll over the world for the coords of allies or teammates that needs help. Like this sos button would be colored red and would appear like the bubbled home button but in color red.

Sample, castle 1 coords 1,1 is under attack. A teammate can trigger the sos button so teammates and allies will be notified that this castle is under attack aside from notif outside the game, this will minimize the effort of having to chat and chat and chat allies. Or make the coords given clickable and will automatically take you there if you click the coords inside atlas.


Great idea😊


Get your leadership to add a bookmark for it or pin it with a marker so you can find it. Fleet support requests give out coordinates I do believe


Being able to type in the coords would be nice aswell.


Coords is included, but still have to scroll. And the notif is not something noticeable. Id like some graphic or red colored notif inside atlas if a castle is under attack that is available for ALLIES and teammates to see.

Lets be honest, notif through mail is not very appealing. :man_shrugging:t3:


If you’re going to have an interactive map, then the sos signal should be so F’ing big you can’t miss it. Currently once you zoom out a little it’s so small you might as well not have it.

Yet another example of a half ass implementation that it synonymous with PG devs.


This is what I am talking about. Its not going to be a mess. And as what i have mentioned in op, it has to be triggered. Not passive.


A button like that would only work if there is 1 sos at a time, would be more anoying when there are more sos calls at the same time.

How about a sos mail with a link that jump straight to the castle on the map?


You cant access mail inside atlas, and for someone as forgetful as me, 4-6 digits kinda hard to remember i have that sickness hahaha.

Ur idea not bad but again mail inaccessible in atlas


Simply make the link jump you into atlas or add the mail system/interface in atlas aswell.


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