Atlas Changes Needed/Wanted?

Ok I want to change this post up a little, every forum post ends up getting lost with people who hate someone’s idea and think that their’s are better and always ends up with basically a lot of crap being posted and name calling and team blaming, I am one person that does this as well, so I would like this post to remain as clean as possible and only have positive posts on it.

So… I would like only singular atlas improvement ideas posted as response to this thread and nothing else, no comments just an idea and a very brief reasoning why you think it’s a good or needed change.

From this if you read this thread and like an idea that you read then like it and that’s it if you hate the idea then don’t like it and read on.

Hopefully if this somehow works out and if we cross our fingers PG may read the ideas that are extremely liked and make some changes that the game needs.

Some ideas maybe raw and need obviously more restrictions and information on how it’s implemented, just like the idea if you like the possibility of it, if it has enough likes it could be reposted somewhere else to how it would be implemented.


Remove passage all over the map (for what is supposed to be an offensive game how passage is used is more in a negative way then positive, they could maybe create a gold passage to solve teams who owe gold)


Remove surrender (again I believe it’s used only in a negative way then how atlas is supposed to be played - ie warring for land and winning and losing castles)


Lock ta’s inbetween pvp bubbles (to help any other changes so bigger or extremely good teams don’t just jump into whatever ta to help a team not lose a castle, castle winning and losing is part of the game and should be accepted as that)


Fix apr to factor in the amount of maxed towers a player base has rather then den level, possibly how many high tiered safe castles owned, and troops in the team (we all know apr is outdated this would be more of a wish, knowing pg is unlikely to recode this)


Change atlas seasonal team leader board to give points to active teams that play atlas in a positive way rather then for castle ownership (too many not overly active teams are placed high in this board only because of the mega alliance they are in, reward teams for activity rather then alliance)


Remove egg tokens from atlas and put them into league rewards instead - replace with diamonds/more troops/gold packs ie reward with atlas things (this I believe would help on teams being targeted by bigger teams, lessen the burden of holding high tiered castles if you are being targeted, plus rewards the teams who do better in pvp events and maybe also put more meaning in declaring and winning wars again)


Remove marshals on t4/t5/t6 (make castles easier and quicker to conquer, also force teams to protect castles with troops rather then just put thier best base as guards)

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Lower max guards on castles - especially the higher tier castles t4/t5/t6 (guard amounts are insane and with high player base marshals, basically make these castles unconquerable for most teams in the game, but any team can hold it should be if you fall asleep at the wheel you can lose the castle, this is not about the new land castles, but I also think the max guards there should be lower)


Good idea and to make sure it not exploited maybe 2 officers level to agree on any gold passage from both side Eg like the bank in real life needing token or 2factor authentication

Yep agree with this, personally a few times our team gone to conquer a castle but all of a sudden bam surrendered to a big team.

I think this is a good idea but my question to you is the following
What about teams that are currently teamless or if a team disbands or mergers? I think there should be a way to be able to deal with this, especially with how the game is going last 2 years. This is an area which I would be hesitant to see implemented.

Yep no issues with this one but to say devil advocate, how does this stop teams that primarily do swaps rather than attacks? I don’t know if the metrics can be programmed or how that operates, interesting concept.

I see this as a double edge sword. Personally speaking I find it great as I attack guards a lot. From a team standpoint, I can’t speak for my team as I am not in leadership anymore so my guess are my own. The whole prosperities of marshals I remember at the start was to help teams at the top Eg diamond have a chance to get to the Castles when enemies attacked. There was about 5 years ago a major discussion on marshal but I just can’t remember.

I have mixed feelings with this one, I see where you are coming from, a combination of this with no marshal is an interesting idea. On the flip side I see the castle as well as a traditional warfare, you seige the location and then wear down the enemies, then the reward of capturing the castle. If PG aim is to do greater turnover I can see how this works. Maybe couple this is the % of guards minimums can be used as well

Please remove this response, as per my original message it’s not for responses to ideas it’s either you like it or don’t and move on, if you want to post changes you want or an idea you have post a simple reply so people can do the same

make all castles access

dont care about heavier burdens

let all unworthy teams disband if they cant bear


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I think with troops being expensive that CG should protect prims and not the other way around. They shouldn’t be that great of glory since they are easy to kill. They should be limited as a buffer.

Make all castles accessible but take away speed ups. If you attack far away and it takes 8 minutes to get there so be it. Speed ups can only be used (maybe limited) with your own castles.

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Terrible idea. Will kill the game and make your account inaccessible due to PG potentially shitting the game down.

Again not the point of the thread, just don’t like an idea if you don’t like it, don’t reply to it. The thread may go to the crap anyhow, but if we stop responding to what we think is a bad idea and only post ideas of how to change things for the better, then maybe it won’t.

If you read I said I simply agreed with majority of what you said, I have asked for clarification answers on certain parts which I wasn’t sure. Can you please answer those parts of how you see if can be implemented.

The more comprehensive solution you can come up, the more likely PG can work with it as at the end of the day they will need to be accountable.
Or if you want I can send you a personal message to address

I appreciate the attempt for a post like this.

  1. Wipe the map
  2. Make a new map


  1. Change 5tas to guild structure alliance within atlas. There is no where stated by the game where this is suppose to be an offensive map. It is stated that teams need to work together to defend lands and castles.

  2. Stop trying to define something that isn’t so. The game is what it is. Without major changes (not small ones) the game will remain what it is.


I’m not a quitter even if I am a cryer man.

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Hmm whatever you say

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If you don’t have anything smart to say in this then don’t reply. Read what OP has mentioned in his original post. Don’t be a knucklehead.

Take it to PM if you want to call someone “trashy.” You’re no better.