Atlas cheaters coming out

I named this topic like that to call some attention. PG now that the world of atlas is changing we are starting to notice some very selective lags in certain teams when they get hit not when they hit. I hope you guys are monitoring all the high level fights are happening and filter all the chests because is blatant and pitiful how they are managing to delay the inevitable. Don’t make me mention teams since I would assume you know.
Thanks. @PGGalileo can you please make sure this teams are being monitored please.


My Hulu stopped working tonight. I blame Dread for that.


Probably because you need to pay your bill haha. Don’t be cheap

Unnamed caller is just dial 911 for emergency help.

Heya Imhotep! The best way to make sure cheaters get caught is by getting evidence on video/images, and submitting it via ticket. We always look out for spikes or trends in tickets that could indicate cheating is afoot.


Tickets hahah funny. Everyone is sick and tired of the same. For example today. None of the successful attempt counted but guess what the bad did counted and of course all the troops to the drain. Always the same side is the one complaining never see the other ones complaining of course because you all are working together to help them. Shame on you all. You just need to follow big raids and you will find lots of funny stuff. This game is so broken that will take is so much time and effort.
My question how in the world my Successful hits don’t count but the bad ones does? Give me a reasonable explanation. And don’t come saying that is because i finish first. Both primarch still same amount of troops when I get 70-100%, only need me to fail and numbers will change.

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I’d suggest you drop this topic if you want to watch Netflix next week.


Well if you’re going to accuse PG of working with them, then I’m not understanding why you would post about anything on their forums…

There are definitely problems with atlas but accusing PG of working with a certain team over others really is just a tin foil hat theory. If you have evidence to prove it, then by all means, share. But I have never seen anything that would convince me that accusations like this are founded in any sort of factual realm.


Of course what can you say. Hahaha. Bring your team to this fights and see. Although probably you might get some help too. Come on. This is not new. Atlas lags for certain teams hahaha.

Have them tell you how many tickets they get in daily regarding atlas glitches and teams involved

i mean it likely just lags for all teams I don’t thing PG will purposely enforce a lag on some teams over others. Seems more likely that both sides experience the same amount of bugs overall.

Also it would be incredibly hard for a third party to do this if that’s what you are implying.

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Multiple posts by multiple players have been created in this forums about this and so far still same. You need To enormously outgrow the enemy to be able to win because even with the cheats they can’t cheat that much.

Sure but only for certain lags like for example when servers are down or is something general which happens not very often. But every raid is the same.

Then tickets are useless

The level of compromise is huge in this game.

Maybe cause every raid takes a lot of of back and forth communication? but again is more than likely that both sides experience the lag.

Their employees handbook I’m sure is very detailed about this :joy:. About don’t looking to certain directions

Then why my primarchs are the ones that die first :thinking: maybe the communication has some preferences hahah lol
Again only when I fail
Never when I win

whats to say that their members haven’t had similar experiences?

Not if their primarch won’t die. Again why my runs only counts when I fail. ?