Atlas Chest and Altas Badge chest pulls

If you have pulled these chests, ideally in sets of 10, can you post your screenshots?

Please include the bonus chests as well. If you don’t have SS, that is okay, i’ll take whatever I can get.

The data from the sets of 10 is much more valuable for me to figure out the final piece than for me to know totals.

Thank you!!!

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Here’s what I got so far

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So, even as at atlas player… is that a lot? :joy: I need some form of measurement to go off of


You need a lot.

Probably 700+ chests for just one line.

I’ll get better numbers as soon as I can.

I do not have screenshots, but I do have numercal data.
So far, I have opened 100 badge chests, 10 at a time, and claimed 3 bonus chests. From them, I recieved 10,370 springveil badges.

I hope this information is useful.

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its tough to predict percentage from each chest using that data. It can be useful to get ballpark figures though sometimes.

What’s in the season tab of Atlas?

What can you claim with those?

@SavageAFforPG I quickly calculated the average of the drops posted in this thread so I can update my own thread with more precise numbers.

Thanks to @Shimo @rovnik and @Renegat2 for the quick postings.

We got 34 x10 pulls = 340 chests with 11 bonus chest pulls.

Average drop per x10 chest pull: 1010 Atlas Badges
Lowest pull: 840 Atlas Badges
Highest pull: 1140 Atlas Badges

Average drop per bonus chest pull: 100 Atlas Badges
Lowest pull: 75 Atlas Badges
Highest pull: 120 Atlas Badges
(wow, no guaranteed Epic or Legendary!?)

:arrow_right: Average total per 10 chests (including bonus chests): 1013 Atlas Badges


your chests are only 8 per pull?

lol @Lutrus , seems like your screen ratio is the same as Shimo’s and you forgot to scroll down? :rofl:

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I didn’t even know!

Lmao :joy: I think it’s a phone thing. iPad shows them all nicely

This reminds me of the horrible scaling problems of basically all Atlas related windows on phones vs. tablets… :man_facepalming:

Does the average include the 11 bonus chests?

If not, then I think I have something very close to what is.

1010*34 = 34.340

1010* 1 (for 10 of the bonus pulls) = 1010

And we’ll throw in 100 for the last.

So, total you all received would be about 35,450.

The predictor i have now guessed that 340 (plus 11) would have given 35,770

There are two more on the bottom.

You can see them if you scroll down.

The average of 1010 was just for the regular x10 chest pulls.

The average 100 was from the bonus chests.

The total average of both added together is the 1013.