Atlas Chest Update

Greetings all, a few weeks ago there was something about an update for atlas chests, making them quicker to open. Any idea when that is going to be in effect (I was hoping for this past update) :sweat:


I would also like to know where this is!


Since this was the order given almost a month ago. I suspect if we are lucky we will get items 1, 2, and 3 at the start of the next Atlas season.

Any news on this @PGGalileo?

I haven’t heard about this being adjusted, but I can ask.


Thank you! I can’t wait to hear back! :grin:

Anything yet @PGGalileo

I’m possibly waiting on opening my Badge chests with the continued hope there will be an update on this :pleading_face:

Please dear lord do something about these badge chests. I literally don’t even want any more glory just so I don’t have to open any more of the damn things. Pleeeeaaassseeee

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Currently our efforts are focused on delivering the public API, but opening multiple chests is still in development. To be honest, we have a lot of things we have to to work on on the Atlas front, and we’re doing our best. Some are pretty large projects so it’s going to take time.