Atlas chests suggestion.. "Open All" please

Sometimes I go on a little frenzy and kill some troops, come back to these chests… it took me longer to open them than to earn them. The large amount of chests, coupled with the “Sorry we cant open these chests cause our servers suck, but you wont be charged for them”… Took me way longer than it should have to open the chests. Please help a war lord out and let me get back to taking souls instead of spending my time trying to open chests faster!
I assume theres a formula for what pops out when you open the chests. Couldn’t you just plug in the sum and then disperse what you get from the total number of chests?


I agree 100% it’s downright dumb how many speed bumps this game has giving us less time playing and more time waiting for stupid things to load.


Or what if you didn’t even EARN badge chests? What if… what if it simply earned you glory/badges outright?

(This is not my suggestion. Someone else has suggested it before, but I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to search for it.)


True… it’s not like the badges can be carried over to next season. So just open them all for God sakes!! :slight_smile:

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996 is a lot
I hope that your revive pool is very large or you revived part way through because that looks to be above the max usually.

It was troop training event as well, I revived a few thousand as well to make room

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This is definitely needed. Takes too long and sometimes the claiming errors out and makes it take even longer.

Definitely agree with OP

That’s only about 100k troops committed if max glory ratio. I’ve done much larger days with revive lol. Try opening 2000 at once… :man_facepalming:

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Same for bronze chests, please :slight_smile:
Open 100 also works.

Think Bronze is less complex, as it doesn’t have bonus

I like this idea. There is only on thing that comes from the chests unlike regular game chests that have a whole host of things. It just makes sense that glory could be directly corelated to badges and be done with it.

:point_up: this


Totally agree, I opened 1700 in one sitting to get Sophia (she’s great btw, get her). I encountered some random error at after 600. It seems one of my bonus chest did not register at the server and game crushed after I opened another 150. I have to wait for 1/2 hour, let the server side to recover and reopen those chests. Fortunately it gave me back the chests I opened after the bugged one, but you never want to be in that situation anyway.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

:sob: :sob:


Well, we know what you’ll be doing for the next 2 hours. (The amount of time it wastes opening chests like that is freaking ridiculous :unamused:)


That’s gonna take forever to open lol. But kudos to you. The next thing they need to Speed up is breeding. I can’t stand sitting there for an hour watching it count down one dragon cost. Then onto the next. Hope no one calls in between or my phone doesn’t die from being open for an hour straight while at work. Makes no sense to take that long on any of these chests or breeding.


Haha, Atlas is full of bugs. Not only with opening chests, but actually with everything (and slow as well)…

This is definitely needed!
Open all chests…

And add breed all tokens! Sitting there for 30-45 minutes while you breed dragons sucks!