Atlas Collisium

I like the fight pits event.I feel that adding a Colisium to the Atlas map where portals can take you strait to where all players can have epic battles that the collisium matches you too according to strength and defence and then both players will profit in Glory in a considering amount by pg to balance the profits.This would make a way lower lvl players can gain Glory a fair and reasonable fashion.Gladiator dragons at the collisium in atlas travel from close or far and meet at the collisium for battle!Please ask for pg to implement this in atlas in there own way but for now I feel it is almost impossible for me too gain much Glory in atlas and I am lvl140


I really like this idea!

I like this if the arena strictly plays mortal combat songs

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There’s been mention of Atlas Matchmaking before, don’t think there’ve been many details for it yet. :slight_smile:

I feel we should all talk about The Collisium That would be somewhere in the atlas Map where either PG can hold special gladiator atlas events that teams would need to battle their way to be the last team standing or The Collisium could just be a place you can go when ever you want through portals that take you strait their and players all over the atlas world Map could be matched up according to strength and defence and Then Battle to win Glory and and maby trophies which would be like metals but won through the Collisium.By having that system their would be a Champion that would be known by all players.We should all talk and Gove our ideas too and write PG so this could become reality just like dragon riders did!we need a more fair way to gain Glory because it is hard for players lvl150 to get passed a lvl300.Please ask the Collisium be implemented to the Atlas Map!!:globe_with_meridians::classical_building:

Interesting idea @PGDave

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