Atlas completely hanging

Guys, @PGDave @PGJared @PGEggToken
Atlas is completely hanging. We have some nice great ally attack ongoing with round about >100 Players with >100 Primarchs - but NO attack counts, even successful ones showing glory at the end do not count, enemies not loosing any troops, battles not showing in team statistics, glory not counted although shown in battle summary at the end. Enemy primarchs have been attacked so many times successful but still alive loosing NO troops at all!
What’s up???


Plus it‘s basically impossible to move the Primarch as it is showing always the error above. And all of this is not just me but applying to all players in this attack!

So server capacity seems not to be adjusted correctly to a Massively Multiplayer online Game, is it? Please fix this ASAP, guys, otherwise Atlas makes no sense if no coordinated ally attack is supported by your game…!

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So what this results in: Hundreds of attacked going into a black hole for nothing. Hundreds of items (boosts, healers etc.) for nothing. Although Glory is shown in battle summary it is not counted on Primarch nor rider nor event points! Hundreds of player hours for nothing!
Really, this is so frustrating!!!


My whole team TopGunTG have same problem include me

This exact thing happened a few days ago as well. It took hours just to get Prims back home :grimacing:

And we not getting our glory point

Hi all, like many others I opened a ticket yesterday with complaints about the multiple „failed to add waypoint“-errors during yesterday‘s atlas battle.
It took me 48 min to finally move from one city to the next one :man_facepalming:.
I got a „sorry“ stating that the issue is known and that the team is looking into it. The question I raised in my ticket was, however, a different one: I asked: Are pg‘s servers able to support large multi-team atlas battles at all? This question remains open. If my concern is true that it is technically simply impossible with the current servers to support a battle with, let‘s say, 100 players trying to invade the same continent, I think it would be fair to say so. In that case, all those people putting considerable time and effort into planning large attlas attacks could let it be in the future because it is clear from the outset that it will not work technically.

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I experienced this same thing happening this evening. Had an enemy primarch at our base and in developing a coordinated attack to defeat him while he was blockaded at our home base, I had over 5k troops loaded against his 2.5k troops loaded, beat the base 100% and he was still at our home with all his troops attacking our players, even though he’s still supposed to be blocked for another 3 + hours? We managed to do another run and defeat him at 40% to send his wayward self home. But we’re losing time and effort not to mention potions and spells doing this over and over again. Can we get some resolution please? @PGJared @pgEcho

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