Atlas counter bullying idea: manhunt

Could it be both constructive and fun, if certain actions triggered a manhunt mode on a player or a team?

Punishable actions:

  • Attack a player way below your level
  • Attack a team way below your level (including X players to prevent one-spy setup jobs)
  • Farm a player / team repeatedly beyond reason
  • Take the last castle from a team


  • Become a “fair game for all” target for a while, always granting 200% glory
  • As a player for personal offenses, or as a team for team offenses
  • Be listed on a “Wanted” board (maybe with an option for others to assign additional bounties)
  • Maybe get a highlight / locator on the game map

I think I heard of some MMO games doing something similar, or was it in some MUD, or just in SAO, cannot remember exactly, not an expert, just a random thought :slight_smile:

Mini trapper / taunter :eyes:

What is farming beyond reason? Annoying somebody is a reason :eyes:

Some teams don’t have castles

First thing to do will be get Atlas access to all team first.


:whale:Bam :ocean: Bam :ocean: Bam :ocean: Bam:whale:

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There is no Atlas left after shuffle… so no need to worry anymore :v:


what is bullying i think its warring

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Yeah that’s a fine line, I do not suggest to eradicate all violence in a war game :slight_smile:

Still, we can all notice the recurring complaints in the forums about not being able to retaliate against pirates, or about big teams conquering castles from teams way below their league just because they can… Maybe bullying is not the best word, but I hope you get the idea.

My lists were just examples, if anyone finds this sort of safety mechanism generally useful, then a careful balancing of tolerable offense and punishment is in order.

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still is not bullying some folks see it as that yet they downloaded a game called 'war" Dragons

Yes, I understand your sentiment, and I addressed it already :slight_smile:

I just think maybe we could have a better balance of war features with some rules of engagement, to better retain new players, and keep the game enjoyable to more people beyond the hard core.

Its fun to hit small players, why punish that ?

Bounty hunting might also be fun, and being at the top of that “Wanted” board, with some 100M gold in the bounty fund, might also feel badass :slight_smile:

And then having your alt collect that bounty! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No, okay, at least the bounty part is a poor idea, and maybe the whole thing. I did not really think this through.

Worst that can happen, is that PG tries to implement it.

most of the suggestions made here are not thought through.

but please do keep throwing ideas.

we might be able to pick up a portion from here and there and forge them into a good one that we can demand pg to implement. -bug-free NOT guaranteed.

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Sometimes it happens by accident. Trying to run MsMersy yesterday for egg token “Defeat base” quest and forgot to tab over to bookmarks on the last one. Just got used to tapping the first base in the list without paying much attention.

I was thoroughly confused for a split second when I saw I was starting from way back and that there were towers now.

I still blew it up and all… but I felt unclean running an Abyssal on a 300.

That said, sometimes I’ll also hit way down… into the 100-200s, but only to test new discount divines I’ve recently hatched to see if it’s worth spending the time and XP bonuses to level them or just throw them in the shitter.

If the dragon dies, I don’t usually bother following up with any to clear the base.

I attack small bases for missions all the time. If it’s a specific type of towers I need I just hit and swap, or steal as little rss as possible if that’s what the mission requires (I don’t choose the mission types after all). I don’t gain much rss or anything, they don’t lose much and their counter attack can hurt much more in terms of rss loss. Plus they get to see endgame-ish Dragons, so I don’t see the issue…


How are you going to collect the bounty from someone in the safe zone?

The idea was, many people could see them on a map with a manhunt marker, so eventually someone would catch them in a red zone. But really there is no way to ensure the bounty hunter is not their ally, so the whole point is moot.

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