Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates

Dragon Lords,

Tomorrow with 4.20 there will be some changes to the area of effect of dragon perches. This information is going to be communicated in our patch notes which will be coming out soon.

Besides the changes in 4.20 I wanted to bring back up an older topic to reference some gear changes that will be coming in future weeks.

Crafted rider gear in Atlas will be getting some substantial buffs at each rarity level. This includes both offensive and defensive rider gear. The buffs are still planned to be within the same tolerance mentioned in the below linked post. Crafting scroll requirements will also be reduced per the post. These changes will also make defensive rider gear a bit more simple to manage, by making all the buffs either buff all combat towers HP or Atk by the same amount as their offensive gear counterparts.

Max Possible Gear Buff With Full Set of Gear By Rarity:
+80% Dragon Attack +80% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+40% Dragon Attack +40% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+20% Dragon Attack +20% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+10% Dragon Attack +10% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

+80% Tower Attack +80% Tower HP -> Legendary Gear
+40% Tower Attack +40% Tower HP -> Epic Gear
+20% Tower Attack +20% Tower HP -> Rare Gear
+10% Tower Attack +10% Tower HP -> Common Gear

For reference here are the current stats in game before this proposed buff:
+25% Dragon Attack +25% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+14% Dragon Attack +14% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+8% Dragon Attack +8% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+5% Dragon Attack +5% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

The intent with a full set of maxed out legendary gear is to essentially be able to attack a tier higher than your dragon is in (if not facing equivalent defensive rider gear).

We realize that many more people have offensive rider gear than defensive gear. This will in the short term weight attacking more favorably. We will be releasing more defensive riders in the future and hope with the simplification and buffs to defensive gear that players will adopt them to a larger degree.

Please also take note that rider gear acquired in this season and previous seasons will not be buffed along with Atlas gear. Future rider gear in season will have its power selected individually and will increase versus previous gear, but the existing seasons gear will not retroactively be buffed.

This week our new more powerful “Veteran” rider in seasons will be released with his gear giving a max buff of 25% HP and 25% Atk bonuses to the dragon he is equipped. His rider skills will give an additional 10% to each… bringing the total buff to 35% Atk and HP. This is a notable increase in buffs versus previous rider gear available in seasons.

Personally im all for the 80/80 gear, but what about the defensive gear. you shouldnt bring in armor that makes the highest tier of dragon go into a league of its own without any potential defensive counter measures

Defensive gear is also there to counter it at the same strength.

This feels like who can spend more to possibly end up at the same place…but I guess we will see.


ok but upping one good tower out of a whole defensive set wont amount to as much as a dragon jumping as tier. again not against it, just wanting balance. right now defensive sets have maybe 1 to 3 viable items thats about it.

As mentioned in my post, defensive gear wont buff one tower. Each piece of gear will now buff ALL combat towers in its vicinity regardless of type.

Echo, how will stacking work in this new scenario?

then will there be a differentiating factor for the element beyond just what dragon it can be equipped to?
Maybe unique abilities like the perch dragons

Perhaps, just to clarify, what you mean by vicinity. Is it just the perch island it is on?

will people who have already spent lots of scrolls be refunded the difference? or should i stop crafting till its done lol

No they will not be refunded. Use this information about the forthcoming change however you want, wait or craft.

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Just for clarification,
Will all previously forged/crafted gear be subject to the buff?

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I’m not quite understanding what this means for some reason, must have gone fuzzybrained :see_no_evil:

Vicinity of the perch buffs is increased. All combat buffs will impact the islands circled by the colored shapes on the attached screenshot. (Production buffs will impact every island regardless of perch location)

Perch 1 -> Impacts islands 1,2,3
Perch 2 -> Impacts islands 4,5,6
Perch 4 -> Impacts islands 7,8


The buff of future rider gear is independent of the changes we make to Atlas gear and isn’t finalized at this point. Don’t expect gear buffs in seasons to necessarily match Atlas gear buffs.

Correct, all previously forged/crafted gear will be buffed. Gear claimed through seasons will not.

I’ve spent absolutely every rider shard upgrading my perch rider to be in a certain location and buff certain towers.

Now you go and change it all? Im going to sleep on this now so I don’t get even more frustrated.

So my previous seagazer perch rider who buffed ALL of the middle island towers I have is now completely useless?


I’m not sure I totally follow you. The gear buffs for your defensive gear after the change will be better than they are now.

Rider gear buffs don’t matter what level your perch is, as long as the rider with the gear is equipped to the perch the buffs will apply. In your case, if you want to buff the middle island towers just throw that rider on the Riverwater Perch and all the buffs apply to the middle island towers.

The issue is base set-ups for mostly free players who know how to build a base well. In Mech’s case (someone who is very good at base design), his towers are all on his middle long island and the riverwatch perch is his rage drain. Putting a perch there would make the rage drain absolutely and 100% useless and completely destroy his base design. This forces him to choose between buffs or intelligent set-up.

Hell, this is the way my main level 330 is set-up too.


So you are making me build up another perch to move my rider? And have it be left there for wars as an anchor point? :thinking:

Isn’t there also a minimum level 30 for full buffs to be applied?