Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


As mentioned in my post, defensive gear wont buff one tower. Each piece of gear will now buff ALL combat towers in its vicinity regardless of type.


Echo, how will stacking work in this new scenario?


then will there be a differentiating factor for the element beyond just what dragon it can be equipped to?
Maybe unique abilities like the perch dragons


Perhaps, just to clarify, what you mean by vicinity. Is it just the perch island it is on?


will people who have already spent lots of scrolls be refunded the difference? or should i stop crafting till its done lol


No they will not be refunded. Use this information about the forthcoming change however you want, wait or craft.


Just for clarification,
Will all previously forged/crafted gear be subject to the buff?


I’m not quite understanding what this means for some reason, must have gone fuzzybrained :see_no_evil:


Vicinity of the perch buffs is increased. All combat buffs will impact the islands circled by the colored shapes on the attached screenshot. (Production buffs will impact every island regardless of perch location)

Perch 1 -> Impacts islands 1,2,3
Perch 2 -> Impacts islands 4,5,6
Perch 4 -> Impacts islands 7,8

Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach

The buff of future rider gear is independent of the changes we make to Atlas gear and isn’t finalized at this point. Don’t expect gear buffs in seasons to necessarily match Atlas gear buffs.

Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG

Correct, all previously forged/crafted gear will be buffed. Gear claimed through seasons will not.

Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

I’ve spent absolutely every rider shard upgrading my perch rider to be in a certain location and buff certain towers.

Now you go and change it all? Im going to sleep on this now so I don’t get even more frustrated.

So my previous seagazer perch rider who buffed ALL of the middle island towers I have is now completely useless?


I’m not sure I totally follow you. The gear buffs for your defensive gear after the change will be better than they are now.

Rider gear buffs don’t matter what level your perch is, as long as the rider with the gear is equipped to the perch the buffs will apply. In your case, if you want to buff the middle island towers just throw that rider on the Riverwater Perch and all the buffs apply to the middle island towers.

Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach

The issue is base set-ups for mostly free players who know how to build a base well. In Mech’s case (someone who is very good at base design), his towers are all on his middle long island and the riverwatch perch is his rage drain. Putting a perch there would make the rage drain absolutely and 100% useless and completely destroy his base design. This forces him to choose between buffs or intelligent set-up.

Hell, this is the way my main level 330 is set-up too.


So you are making me build up another perch to move my rider? And have it be left there for wars as an anchor point? :thinking:

Isn’t there also a minimum level 30 for full buffs to be applied?


The current zoning promotes an ineffective base layout for the majority of mid-tier players. It’d mean choosing between splitting damage towers between the first small and long island, which is a massive loss in potential damage, or using it as a mage drain with its purpose entirely negated with a perch there for rage regen. Going to the second small, leading with RSS buildings is just a bad idea, and then that leave the base shorter with dps towers just before the base.

Androids load so slowly that it’s entirely pointless to even load into the game to try and send resources on layouts like that. It’s already cutting it close with longer layouts as-is.

Also, as this wasn’t clear to everyone, this is a nerf, as defensive riders and gear currently buff the entire base, not just a small zone, but only one tower per gear item crafted (e.g. shield).


question answered. Thx


Read. That has already been confirmed.


Yes. That’s what I just asked :hugs: Hii res


Is this implemented for even non-atlas layouts? aka normal layouts for both atlas and non-atlas players?