Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


@pgEcho have you read any of the feed back, you are not answering just repeating same stuff, you arent explaining why you felt the need to sabotage most of the player base until the upper echelons, how the hell are these new stupid atlas pve castles even going to stand up to these super riders let alone the nerfed pvp bases. you havent denied this is a nerf just come and say it

and @ToNyRen find me some videos of people dodging mage islands when ss are activated and 4/5 mage shots are flying at you. please post some videos of this. we are not talking undefended bases here, but defended, eg under war circumstances.


I have videos but I’m currently in New Jersey, don’t have access to my hard drive with WD videos.

However I do know @TheGreatHOdini has a rage draindodging video available. Also @Godin24 has a newly established YouTube channel showing how to dodge mages in even crazier ways. Check them out as it will tke you about 10 seconds to find them both. Also @Zazrak could maybe chime in on this as well. @xXxAirForcexXx has videos on dodging mage supershots. Note that in his videos the biggest tribute was dodging the flak supershots, not the mages, I’m not trying to take what he can do entirely as an example as he flies great. Try watch the dodging rage drain part. Dodging flak supershots is another issue.

Rest assured, we are nooooooooooot
Noooooot talking about undefended attacks.
It’s defended, I wanna kill his dragon defense.


With practice you can cloak as much as you want, even when there is an ice flak. Just take practice


Nice vid man!


Spindra has something to say about this…


what about him?


How about a reset on runes? Return them to inventory since this greatly affects the setup now. It was setup under the premise it covered the entire base.


Sorry I’m lost. If universal buffs stack, apply base wide, and are perpetual, what does “the perch with the highest total buff” matter?


It can be dodged. 4-5 towers mixed of blue and red or majority blue over red , it can be dodged. Months ago i disputed airforce’s video regarding blue mage shot dodge because it was a single blue mage shot, scenario: sand blue then immediate cloak. My dispute was what if there were 2 or 3 blue mage?

Current meta of effective base for those who doesnt know how to dodge rage drain yet is … low level mages (blue and red) in the 2nd perch island right? (This is my current setup btw). @ToNyRen went in to discussion and showed me The “video” and to make sure it wasnt luck, i tried it and guess what it can be done with huge success rate more like 99% success rate if ill exaggerate it.

Question what if there are 2-3 high lvl blue mages. Pls lets not get to that this discussion just to push the rage drain success, cuz nobody would do this, if ull have a good setup base with atleast 2-3 high lvl blue mage , youll be around high 200’s - early 300’s or maybe more and you wouldnt want to waste and put it in the rage drain island.

And on airforce’s videos, yes, the highlights there for me was the part of dodging flaks not mage ss. Dodging flaks are real issue, havent tried dodging flaks, but from videos, you can literally tell it aint that easy, doable with practice but aint gonna be too easy even with practice (maybe just for me, i dont know to those who claim good flyers).


As for the current changes…

For f2p/e2p , its either you focus on your dragon rider gear if you like dragon combat(who doesnt right? Hehe),or focus on your perch dragon defensive rider gear.

Problem with making atk dragon rider gears is that variety of new dragons appear every season, making a good set would take long months or years sadly. And thats just 1 element. But good part is Buff is so significant that if the base on defense doesnt have a good rider buff, itll be a bleh . Defended or not, the difference can be felt heavily imo.

For defensive perch riders gears, same shit could take months years to make a good set but element is not a big issue.

rage drain type bases issue for current update

Sadly if we want to get those buffs in the mid lonf island , maybe sacrifices has to be made and we will see how these current changes will make new meta. Im not pro or against these changes, but definitely it affects non - atlas players negatively, Which is im still not happy about. :smirk:



she just laughed and says, if u think so.


This… :100:


? Runes never covered entire base?


@ToNyRen @zazrak @Godin24 while i thank godin for the video links, and take into consideration your comments, those videos had only 2 mages per islans, not a 5 with 5 mages shot, can a vine hit 5 towers at once still? if so id like those vids too, this is going off topic but, you wouldnt do that with say necryx airbean or estril would you, i still dont think most people could dodge a rage drain and i dont think those videos discount all that well the point im trying to make, i can dodge mages with hau and necryx, but no one could dodge a 5 shot mage attack with necryx dont care who you are, and this is only hunters can even begin to think to do this.

for the record the perch change dropped 8m def power from my base, i wonder how many lost even more than that.


Vine only needs to hit the blue mages.

Its not hard, you simply blink the rest.

Without vines it can also be done by shooting from the turn.

Yes vines can hit 4/5 depending on setup. If its 5 mages it will only hit 4, so simple enough to make sure it hits blues.

If you use all 5 your supershots at once, the base will die anyways.

There is almost no class other than hunters for wars, not sure why one would worry about anything else


Production boosts, construction and research time reduction work base-wide


It’s not gone, it’s just that now it’s not a choice with no downsides. This is more of what strategy should be, choices with pros and cons rather than global buff with no cons.

Rage drain always felt like an abuse of intended mechanics and it to me seemed like it would either be defeated with a spell or made useless. Neptus, Corth, and even Destar can defeat a rage drain as is.

Its still possible to have a rage drain at a cost, and it’s also possible to have big mages with other towers (what maxed bases are eventually forced into)

Not really. True you can no longer buff all buildings with one rider, but also consider neptus made powerful farms irrelevant. (This is not just end game, I’ve seen garnet and emerald neptus do the same)

The real issue here is there isn’t any kind of transition help. The change adds more strategy IMO.

There already exists a reason to have a long base. It happens when you max out all towers that you have. Why should we want to encourage a long base for smaller players? It’s not really a good strategy. I know some want this but the only real benefit is you level up faster and cheaper. It’s a choice you can make with costs. We shouldn’t remove the costs.

If this has been my choice I probably would have opted to let people keep base wide buffs for skill tree skills, and made it so the higher buffs required new riders and/or new gear which only impacted their respective towers. This is more of a rip the bandaid off approach. I do think it would be good to allow tower runes to move for free (even if just once) as it adds strategy in a way that benefits everyone.


The main point is L2 ans S2 are the most cost effective

not really even high level players often opt for smaller bases, even though they could do a big base @ToNyRen

I can see your point


Once pg gets enough money from this rider gear, they will say its OP and nerf it and say balancing the game. It’s been done many times.


@pgEcho where is this? Seems to not have happened


Except their skills are all wrong for defense, making it a waste of a good rider.