Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


Not much waste. You can fly 3 dragons per fight, there are many riders , and many more coming


@pgEcho over all an awesome change…

BUT before this players could pick a single perch to max out and put their best dragon and rider on it, and have it buff all their towers.

Now that the buffs have limited range some players will be SOL because their perch they leveled is in the wrong place to buff the right towers.

Reorganizing their base may be simple (moving towers is free) BUT moving the associated runes/glyphs is very expensive AND it could destroy the effectiveness of the base.

Please let players swap perches around, like they swap towers around. Then they can move their leveled up perch to where it keeps the effectiveness that they already worked/paid for. (Or remove pearch leveling and just let the dragons go perch!)


Yes this just changes the status quo, which is good. It’s just kind of crappy that we eat the cost from the previous config. There is a new cost effective method which is not what it was.

Tony isn’t quite to the point where he is forced to build out, and if was in his shoes i would delay building out for level 65 towers. There does exist a base position where it’s better to build out than do nothing.

I’m a little behind Tony in player level and tower level and I’m in the same boat. (Or was)

One thing to make mention of (since it’s relevant to the topic of perches) is that both Tony and I had been forced into going from a rage drain island into a built out island with higher level mages and damage towers. (It drops more dragons at higher levels, although I just looked at Tony’s base and he’s changed it quite a bit since I saw it last and it looks to be specifically due to perch rider)


@pgEcho so is this for sure yet?(please say yes)


@pgEcho you still haven’t answered my question… why hasn’t this been changed yet?


Your question was answered by another, as well as was available in my original post. Please refer to sentence #3 of my first post starting this thread. :smiley:


I feel like everyone’s focus is on the perch island areas and having to adjust for that. However I don’t see much discussion about how PG basically is about to extort us… 80% boost to legendary gear? Put that on a good maxed Harbinger and no base can stop it…UNLESS you get a full set of legendary gear for ALL your perches. How is this not a problem for most ppl?


it’s easier to dodge a 5 mages island than what’s in the video with noct


no because 99% of people wont see the major difference only the highest tier of players


Not sure where you see someone answering my question, I have no reply’s for this question…

But thank you for pointing me to the sentence



With these changes and the general changes over the years it is becoming more and more difficult to design a decent base since you change the rules and options so frequently. Now more than ever the players could really use some mechanic to allow us to transform our bases. Moving perches, and/or re-purposing our towers would go along way in keeping moderate spenders happy. Is this something you are considering? or are you intentionally trying to screw us over in the hope that we start spending like the whales to adjust to your changes?


All the Whales are going to be at or close to 80%. I’m a “lowish-spending big” (LOL), and I’m going to be pushing 55-65% Buff with ease on ICE gear, and will keep crafting for more Legend gear. Wind gear is going to around 40-45% as my crafting luck has been total crap.

So even while I’m poised to benefit with these boosts, I think they are far too large. I also think Event gear should get the same (or close to same) type bonus Buffs as many players don’t have, or have not had access to Atlas for long periods of time.


Your previously crafted armor won’t get the new boosts.

Seasonal gear won’t be getting a buff, previously crafted atlas gear will. That’s not as bad then.


I thought he said previous season gear won’t, but crafted gear will


You’re correct, went back and reread.


I would’ve probably died immediately if you were right, I have a lot of epic gear that i would need to scrap


Another SERIOUS issue with this new idiotic “buff” is that it will completely devalue spells. Especially spells like HM and Chaos/havoc/TF (popular hunter spells). The amount of damage increase/amount healed will be sooo minor. This actually applies to most spells. Yet the bases you go against will be sooo much stronger.


That‘s actually a very scary issue I have totally forgotten about and you‘re absolutely right. Any skill based on base HP will be totally worthless when highly gearbuffed dragons compete with highly gearbuffed bases.

@pgEcho I suppose this wasn‘t considered when coming up with this genius idea?

@PGCrisis since you recently made a very detailed post about the discrepancy between old/new HealingMark vs. Springs Reneval and how both skills are now based on base HP, maybe you want to give some input about if you‘re planning to adjust all skills in this game to max HP/max ATK or if you want to keep it at the base HP and let all those skills fade into insignificance.


Godin u have a YouTube channel?


First time I’ll agree with Lx :joy_cat:
I technically can reverse my base to be able to boos it with one perch,but I’ll need at least 15k rubies to unequip runes
I’m understanding,that PG needs to make money,but there should be a healthy limits in all changes
So,since ppl don’t like when dragons getting nerfed,you guys,just “balancing” bases all the time.
I’ll comment from middle spender point of view…
let’s say…I wanted to reach Obsidians asap
When I reached it-you “balanced” Towers and perches
So it feels,like my dragons still in Emerald tier(I have 3 legendary gear lvl 6 on one my dragon,and only he can do something good)
I will reach Harbinger in 4 months
I could have buy packs and get them in 1-2 months,but I can’t see any point to do it,because you can “balance”(legitimately nerf) something again.
It’s very disappointing and killing all fun and willing to spend at all.
Everyone wants to bug things,which will stay same effective permanently
If you gave us rider,which will boost all base-you can’t just change it and make ppl rebuild base from 0
Or push ppl to crewft legendary gear,when Atlas is lagging so much.
I’m sorry for being so salty this time,but it’s really annoying
You basically pushing down all progress,which we getting again and again