Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


Since perches retain bonuses even when destroyed, could another mechanic be changed then?

Since one concern is they’re rage anchors, would it be possible to remove treating them like towers and instead treat them like monuments for the purposes of attacking?

Meaning if you clear all the towers except the perch on an island, when the next dragon starts it starts at the next island with towers not at the perch location. So similar to if you skip a monument you don’t get to start at the beginning of a base just because a monument wasn’t destroyed.


now this is a good valid concern


Didnt you hear about update 4.3? Rider gear for spells! :bomb::boom:


I just can’t believe more Peeps aren’t bitching about the fact that “Season Event Gear” gets the ultimate shaft. While I’ve got way better crafted gear it’s still the principle here and the Sigils used for Event Gear should either be refunded or the Event GEAR Buffed appropriately – at least to MAXED Rare Gear status. Is everyone so brainwashed that they just accept this punitive retroactive decision as par for the course. LOL


A better solution would simply being something like – Mages Rage drain based on tiered levels. Under level 15, 1/4 bar of rage drain. Level 15-25, 1/2 Bar of Rage drain, 25-35 1 bar of rage drain, 35-45 1.5Bars of rage drain, level 45+ finally the normal 2 BARS of Rage drain. This would instantly fix the whole BS of 5 level 1 mages being more effective than 5 level 50 towers mentioned above.

Frankly, PG should have been implemented a fix like this already and many months ago. And this is a far better fix than changing the D-Rider mechanic to limited areas.


And render mages at low level play near useless? 🤷


Lol it does technically solve that one problem to some extent but… people are gonna love it when they get rage drained less lol


nah, a good one might be to increase the duration of the rage regen debuff by a few seconds per 15 upgrade or something.

Like a level 1 ~ 15 can have up to 4 seconds
16 ~ 30 will be 5 seconds
31 ~ 45 will be 6 seconds
46 ~ 60 will be 7 seconds.

Well, I don’t know the duration of what we have right now since I am a bit lazy to check it.


Huh…? Longer rage regen freeze would kinda messed up every dragon who can’t dodge.


well, its not going to be a full second. like a few millisecond just to increase its effectiveness.

It’s only a suggestion, but adjustment can be made depending on the result. So if the original is 4 seconds, it can be 4.1 seconds until 4.5 seconds from level 1 to 60.


Instead of scaling it physical level, why not scale it by relative level/tier?

Aka low level mage vs low tier dragon (aka 10 vs blue) would give 100% rage drained. Howeve level 10 vs sapphires might be 20% rage drain. And level 35 towers vs sapphries would be 100% rage drain.

That way when you get to the next tier things are still balanced for that 2 rage drain and freeze duration


Just to clarify, 100% is referring to 2 rage bars and yes research 1 rage without?


Correct. Using 1 rage as the standard and the research multiplying the drain by 2.

And to clarify further the %s we’re in reference to the current rage drain basically


Let me be blunt, if these buffs don’t come then I’m done crafting, its just a waste of time and money; and any atlas player with half a brain would do the same, the veteran rider made the current system mute


IQ level is :brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::brain:


@pgEcho any updates?


@pgEcho did they scare you off?


Dragon Lords,

In response to various feedback from the players we want to make our position clear as it pertains to changes in Atlas & Seasons rider gear. We still plan to buff Atlas gear as detailed in the beginning of this post, while leaving seasons gear unchanged at its current strength.

In our previous proposal for Atlas rider gear buffs there were concerns brought forth around the current state of balance in the game at the time. Dragons were far too strong, so we stopped working on any proposal for gear buffs while we corrected balance. Since then, balance both from player comments and in game data has improved considerably.

When we came back to working on the proposal we realized there were assumptions which needed to be further evaluated before continuing. One of those assumptions was around the buffing of seasons gear along with Atlas gear. It became clear that despite my previous proposal to retroactively buffing seasons gear, we could not actually proceed in doing so. Here are some of the main considerations and reasons for this:

  1. Players in Atlas have access to both offensive and defensive dragon rider gear. This allows more balanced gameplay when fighting against other Atlas teams as they have the ability to obtain gear to offset the offensive riders. Players without Atlas who have access to seasons have not been able to obtain defensive dragon riders or gear up to this point. Buffing seasons offensive gear (without a defensive counterpart) will further skew the balance towards dragons more than it already has. In future seasons we plan to offer defensive riders to help balance this situation.

  2. In the past we have adjusted the content or strength of various seasonal branches. This has always been met with frustration and outrage as players have already made their decision and spent their sigils. By changing any content now (ie: buffing seasons gear) many players would cry foul as they would have changed their decision on how to invest. Our goal is to avoid making any changes after releasing branches as this just leads to pleasing a few while angering others.

  3. We have evaluated the power vs. difficulty one gets from seasons gear vs Atlas gear. Atlas gear has higher absolute max power than seasons gear, but seasons gear is a better value as you get more power compared to the difficulty/time requirement to obtain it. Furthermore, seasons gear is awarded with max strength at level 1 while Atlas gear must have each piece leveled up individually. Atlas gear was the gear previously providing notably too little benefit for the difficulty to obtain it. With this in mind the team is confident that seasons gear has an appropriate and fair buff.

  4. Atlas common gear obtained in the intro quests will only provide a 5% buff and therefore are not equivalent to craftable common gear sets.

Thank you for your understanding and this will is our final stance on this issue. We hope to provide additional compelling content related to dragon riders in seasons in the future. Please be on the lookout for what is to come next!

Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

I actually think that’s pretty reasonable. My main concern is the difficulty in obtaining legendary gear in the first place, let alone maxing it. As of now it hasn’t been an immense advantage whether u had it or not. This will just widen the gap between the mega spenders, and those that spend considerable amounts of money. You’re creating such an imbalance that if someone doesn’t spend thousands of dollars for a single set of gear, when u need multiple, that they would be relegated to not being able to compete.
So unless you significantly make it cheaper to get, and I mean do mean significantly, this would be one of the most disheartening changes you ever make. I mean most spending players will be completely disadvantaged. You’re making it a requirement to compete. At least 1-2 sets of gear for attacking and 1-3 sets for defending. So I’m interested in hearing what ur plans are to changing this from the current cost in the tens of thousands of dollars for all of that, to something along the lines of a couple thousand for everything.



Thank you so we can safely craft and upgrade in the upcoming event expecting these changes to come, and our efforts not to be wasted?