Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


I actually think that’s pretty reasonable. My main concern is the difficulty in obtaining legendary gear in the first place, let alone maxing it. As of now it hasn’t been an immense advantage whether u had it or not. This will just widen the gap between the mega spenders, and those that spend considerable amounts of money. You’re creating such an imbalance that if someone doesn’t spend thousands of dollars for a single set of gear, when u need multiple, that they would be relegated to not being able to compete.
So unless you significantly make it cheaper to get, and I mean do mean significantly, this would be one of the most disheartening changes you ever make. I mean most spending players will be completely disadvantaged. You’re making it a requirement to compete. At least 1-2 sets of gear for attacking and 1-3 sets for defending. So I’m interested in hearing what ur plans are to changing this from the current cost in the tens of thousands of dollars for all of that, to something along the lines of a couple thousand for everything.



Thank you so we can safely craft and upgrade in the upcoming event expecting these changes to come, and our efforts not to be wasted?


One genuine concern though is abilities for dragons are based on base hp not total hp, so in this fashion defense is going to have the edge, any thoughts?


Should be fine. Defense could use an edge… too easy to one shot bases already.


ok for easy math lets use 10m tower hp, if a dragon ability is designed to take out around 50% of that, then thats 5m, with buffs to base without modifications to abilities, then it will become 18m-5m so roughly 28%, basically the “balanced” power will take a big hit


We’ll see how it works out… I’m not worried about bases being too difficult.


Im fine with every percentage or whatever. PG decides, we have to deal with it.
But they HAVE to make spells based on modified hp (including gear and boosts) instead of on base hp… Else every spell used on a base that has its towers increased by 80% hp will just be useless :astonished:


Yes we don’t need our spells being affected on top of the other issues


Ok but why the need to buff gear at all? Everyone already wanted legendary gear and the recent change to perches made people want better perches with good riders too. Was the percieved value of good gear really that low? i dont know anyone who didn’t see the value in Legendary and Epic gear as it was. What is this buff adding and why such an extreme buff?

Did you consider the negative impact this will have on dragon spells such as Havoc and HM since rider buffs dont help those spells? Consider this; if/when players finally get a full set of defensive and offensive gear the only change to how it is now will be weaker spells… is this intended?


Perceived value of good gear was apparently low. I think PG said something about only 20 players in the game have full sets of maxed legendary gear. I believe that has more to do with the randomness of getting legendary gear as opposed to the buffs.


Do they want everyone to have maxed gear already? Atlas isnt even fully released yet lol

Plus talk about over compensating. This is not minor buff.


Why should a Level 1 Mage steal as much Rage Drain as a 60? This never made any sense. That would be like a Level 1 FLAK having as much SS damage as a 60.


No…The amount of rage drained shouldn’t change based on tower level. Unless you want to change the amount of max rage a dragon can have too…


Yes, God24 :). Follow me


lol, I like the way you think. Let’s drain one rage for every ten levels. That way one defender can neutralize five attackers without a rage drain island… :rofl:


So when are these buffs coming through XD @pgEcho


Yes it should, or I wouldn’t have written what I did. :sunglasses:


Then why would anybody even both building mages until they hit L30 and they finally start to take away 1 rage bar? lol

My points is that it should scale not based directly off of that exact tower level but off something else.

  • Maybe it scales off the attacking dragon power (building level / dragon tier designated level x 2rage bars)?
  • Maybe it scales off defending players highest dragon tier (building level / dragon tier designated level x 2rage bars)?
  • Maybe it scales off defending players builder hut level (building level / max building level as designated by builder hut)?

All i know is that a L10 tower should still take away the full 1 rage (without research) against a red/purple tier dragon attacking a relatively similar sized player or smaller and a L60 tower should take away 1 full rage (without research) against a harb tier dragon attacking a similarly sized player or smaller.


Well u were arguing with me, but ur arguments are pretty much saying the same thing as my original point. As my main point was that Mages should scale and do progressive higher Rage drain as they level higher. Ur saying the exact same thing – just in a different way.

I mean I’m not going to write the programming script with the embedded logic scale in here for PG. LOL. That’s what they should already be doing.


I’m trying to make a clear distinction that scaling them purely based on level is a terrble idea because it affects low level gameplay irrefutably. If you make level 10 mages useless again everybody no matter the level, you are making drastic changes to a gameplay that WORKS.

Your intent and direction don’t match so I’m providing conditioning to help you out :wink: