Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


with the changes in perches, i am guessing rage drain islands will slowly go away anyways as a perch will be a rage anchor… well maybe anyways


Idk I’ve never seen rage drains as all that much of a problem. It’s easier to avoid being hit by low lvl ones then high level ones anyway.


Very slowly. Painfully slowly. I wonder at what defensive rider level/gear rarity/gear level the buffs start to outperform a ‘good’ rage drain… Lots of moving pieces there :thinking:


i would say immediately. Im not referring to the gear as much as i am about the perch benefiting a bigger area. The gear will obviously help too.


If I could like this multiple times, I would.

Increase in intensity, decrease in coverage… And destroys base design… And there is no way to redo you base short of dropping many thousands of dollars.

Got it. Thanks.

Glad I focused on the defense rider.


I was really glad my base doesn’t go past Ryuu when they announced this :sweat_smile:

So my main focus has been in the ridiculous buff to gear. Which will also force you to spend thousands upon thousands unless they really make crafting both cheaper and more efficient


This will just open up a can of worms. Eg ice flak supershot. Can we not just have different towers doing different things with different mechanics?


I guess by announcing cheaper crafting costs as well as buffing craft gear, they do exactly that.


Well they’ve announced the buffs in great detail. They haven’t specified what “cheaper” will look like if I’m not wrong.
I think they need to lower the cost significantly, and they need to change crafting from this spin of the roulette wheel model.


is the chance of getting legendary just luck . I ma new to atlas and dont know how will i craft a legendary one


Yes, luck


Pure RNG mercy… I have spent thousands of Scrolls trying for a legendary shield. No luck yet.


They said 1/2 the scroll count… so upgrading costs will be the same


Yea but they also mentioned that it won’t be pure randomness as well. Like u won’t be stuck endlessly crafting common and rare…it will build up towards legendary.


Any update or timeline when buff to atlas gear will be applied?


Any word in when the scroll cost will be adjusted? It’s crafting event soon in Atlas and I won’t be doing any crafting OR upgrading at the current cost if there is a chance that it’s going to be reduced in the future


I dont remember hearing that. I cant see them getting rid of the random factor.


That’s new to me as well… wonder if there’s a link?


@pgEcho are wegonna get a refund on scroll costs? or are we just suppose to ignore the crafting event


you asked this already.