Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


@pgEcho the 80% power, how much of that percentage will be scaling and how much base percentage


So when will the changes go into affect? I want to craft fire gear for Corthanak during the event but I don’t want to waste scrolls since they are supposed to be getting cheaper.


I don’t know what’s going to happen to old atlas events once the atlas season starts. I’m going to hold off doing anything until we find out.


I would hold off until the changes are made


You can still upgrade gear you already have. Honestly, there may be a reduction in n scroll cost, but scrolls aren’t that hard to come by. They’re not like rider shards.


Scrolls run out quick when ur trying for legendary…especially when some items cost 300-500 scrolls a try. I’m not sure what not hard to come by means to you…but you can go through 10k scrolls in an event and come out with squadoosh


If they change scroll prices what do you think the odds are that they will make some form of changes to the upgrade prices as well?

Just my opinion, I’m holding off in case they make reductions to upgrade costs


So noob Atlas question… defensive rider buffs your whole base? Just not a single area like ther Perch change recently?

Also with the buff coming at some point, is it safe to craft atlas gear in this upcoming atlas event?


Nope. It will only buff the perch area of effect as of the latest update and the gear stats will be changing as well from tower specific to all tower attack and hp

It is NOT safe to craft. Don’t do it since right now it may cost you 500 scrolls to attempt a craft but down the road it may be significantly less.


Hmm… thats a bummer on both questions :confused:


Yeah… I’m just not sure the difference in cost will he as significant as many are hoping. I’m more curious about whether the odds of crafting a higher level piece will get better.

I think I’ll be mostly upgrading this event…


Just a note: upgraded 3 pieces of gear in crafting event, and gotten over 300 scrolls in prizes… this is the best event to get more of those, but you gotta drop some resources to get em…


yea im only upgrading personally not crafting


Upgrades are worth more points anyway… have you seen how expensive they get for epic and legendary!? Level 5->6 legendary is about 200k total resources… wonder what 9->10 looks like… :woman_facepalming:


47k points for 8->9 so 9->10 is probably 55k or 60k, I’ll know in a few hours


Which piece?


I don’t really get the point of this thread. PG already said how it’s goikg to work. Balance is still shit. That’s just how it is. I feel like they moved on. I guess they’re waiting for us to catch up lol


ice DF scroll


So if I understood this correctly, defense rider gear will be just like dragon rider gear and will only boost ATK and HP of all towers within the perch area.

Defense gear currently offers different items for the same slot, such as a hammer or a scroll that both fit into the weapon slot but currently boost different towers, or two different kind of rings.

@pgEcho Will those items have the same ATK or HP values or will they be merged to become one item?


now i got it…

i can show a
Lvl 8 - 9 legendary Weapon
thats around 1,5 month of grinding…

and 7 - 8 was 260k shards in total