Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


@pgEcho is there any talk about changing some of the defense rider gear? Right now every single element of gear has ballista. No one uses ballista and there is no special comeback no matter how much you buff the tower. I would prefer a generic buff to the base area it cover or make it ice or fire flak.


You must be late to the party here…


Ah ok… I think my shield uses a bunch more resources to level up…


Wow! Look at the crafting time too! I have enough resources j might be as b l.j e ti nax this crafting event… but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time without using rubies to speed some up… wish they’d make times shorter!

Btw… kingpin event is essential to getting enough resources to do well in crafting event…


I guess no idea is original lol. I’m happy it has been brought up because I don’t see how a full drag buff of 80% can coincide with 10% of this and 10% of that on defense.


They’ll be pretty much the same… which is good because until now you had to decide which element had the best combo of tower buffs for your base. I hope it happens soon… it will be much less complicated.


So i just got done reading this entire thread but did not see what im looking for so maybe someone wiser can help.

Have the buffs come into effect? When i added up the max % on common armor i come up with 10.6 which is around the proposed increase but when i do the same for legendary gear im only coming up with 50.1 which is significantly lower than the proposed gear %.


No, they haven’t changed yet.


Thanks. But why is the common gear at 10.6% already? I thought that used to be the rare %? I’m new to atlas so I only know what people have saud on these forums for numbers


I think maxed common is about the same as level 1 rare… dunno what the % is at every rarity but the change will make it significantly higher.



These gear buffs are coming out tomorrow Wednesday April 25th PST with the launch of Atlas Seasons.

Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach

Will the scroll/shard requirements also be adjusted tomorrow?


Unless i missed it, that was only in the proposal and did not actually make it into the Atlas gear update.


Great Question - Curious as well…


You missed it. It‘s right in the OP :smile:


Tomorrow?? You start the event and half way through you will reduce the costs?? Garbage… you should have not started the event or should have waited until after event to put updates into place!!


Already posted on the forums here about that. Please take a look at my last post which specifically states the reduction in crafting costs do not happen this week.


early in the or later in the day?


If these boost only last until the perch is dead then the long islands seem to be at a huge disadvantage. Why not make the boost last despite the perch being dead or move the perch to the long island so the boost isn’t lost by the time a dragon attacks bigger islands?


They don’t.

They last 100% of the time, perch living or dead. They PERSIST through death of the perch unlike what it used to do.