Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


The current zoning promotes an ineffective base layout for the majority of mid-tier players. It’d mean choosing between splitting damage towers between the first small and long island, which is a massive loss in potential damage, or using it as a mage drain with its purpose entirely negated with a perch there for rage regen. Going to the second small, leading with RSS buildings is just a bad idea, and then that leave the base shorter with dps towers just before the base.

Androids load so slowly that it’s entirely pointless to even load into the game to try and send resources on layouts like that. It’s already cutting it close with longer layouts as-is.

Also, as this wasn’t clear to everyone, this is a nerf, as defensive riders and gear currently buff the entire base, not just a small zone, but only one tower per gear item crafted (e.g. shield).


question answered. Thx


Read. That has already been confirmed.


Yes. That’s what I just asked :hugs: Hii res


Is this implemented for even non-atlas layouts? aka normal layouts for both atlas and non-atlas players?


Clarification though, if the perch is destroyed the buffs go away too right?
So does that mean the perch buffs wont apply to the long islands behind it once the perch is destroyed?


While rider gear did buff the entire base, it was also only buffing single towers per item and the buff was not as large as it is planned in the future. There are pros and cons. Having 3 perches and requiring only 1 of them to have gear to apply for the whole base was a bit of a disconnect and we attempted to balance that with more generous changes to the towers affected by the buffs.

There will definitely people who feel they benefit and those that don’t. By in large though I believe these changes will create additional new strategies and layouts.


Good question. Buffs will not go away anymore when the perch is destroyed. They persist.


Yes, for all layouts.


If the game were flexible enough to allow that, I could see that, but it’s very inflexible and punishing when it comes to experimenting with bases. There’s no transferring of perches and paying the difference. Mid tier players don’t have enough useful towers to make use of two perches, but the zoning invalidates use of the one closest to the base instead of using the one at the start. End game players will definitely be able to take advantage, though, but that’s not exactly a huge population, though they make the game the most money.


This will be very interesting to see how this plays out. It does shatter certain base designs a bit but…could be worse I suppose.


So does that mean each rider gear buff is still for whole base and not limited to specific islands?
Edit: Didn’t read through. Thanks to @NigheanIIDonn its clear now That gear buffs are limited to zones.
Another era of base building begins here.


How about split the 80 or so percent amongst the 3 perches or even do 30/30/30 global that way small bases dont lose out, and a big base has an actual reason for existing
@TheRedDelilah would this be acceptable to you?


Wait. Rider buffs are now localized as per the image? So 1 rider with defensive gear will not buff the whole base?
What about Defensive rider buffs (skills), are they still base-wide??


Rider/gear will be subjected to specific islands.


So perch level only impacts rider skills?


L30 perch is just to maximize the rider buff but doesn’t matter past that, assuming that you don’t care about which tier (sapphire/garnet/emerald/whatever) of dragon is being used.

@xXxRelliKxXx The image refers to defensive riders, not the ones on your attacking dragons. Defensive riders tower boosts would be limited to the zone that their perch applies to.


Uh yeah that’s what I was asking about.

Thanks for confirming.


this does feel like another attack on the defensive side of the game. so while i look forward to my limited gear being massively buffed, i an anxious my relatively short base is now going to be even weaker. imagine the cost of rubies for everyone if they do as suggested and ‘change their defensive strategy’ with moving runes etc.

as mentioned a lot above, i have a rage drain setup on island 6, and all my weaker towers and farms placed on 1/2/3, as many many do, who will now feel they are just being pushed back rather than helped along.

as forscience suggests, this is a nerf,
pg covered over by the suggestion they are making things better for everyone. pg are awfully much like the politicions of the world and at such a disconnect with the populations, what with the mess currently in atlas, the introduction of soul destroying quests and missions, and now even more nerfing, the game is falling into a state of disrepair lol

can anyone recommend a good new game where progression is encouraged rather than hinted at but generally unnatainable… :sunglasses:


More and more are getting used to dodging the rage drains. It’s actually not very difficult if you put decent amount of time into it. Time for a new base overhaul I guess. Can’t just rely on the flier suck on dodging perch island rage drain anymore. Pretty sure we could come up with something new.