Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


yep; i like the idea.

I’ve always thought that rage drain islands were overpowered in that 4 level 1 towers were stronger than 5 level 40 towers for example.

I think it will shake up base design for a bit, since its harder to decide now where the advantage lies. More choice = good.

I will state that I think the need for some sort of base mulligan is becoming much greater though…


A good first step should be to allow perches to move just like towers.


I dont like that my perch is now not what it supposed to be… Only the dragon boost helps.

I spent all black pearls in that seagazer perch because its tacticly much more important then other ones…
The other ones are a pain for rage winning …

And i crafted many items specially because i assumed the defensive rider will help all arround.

Well i understand that if you want bring up more defensive riders, it has to be on some terrotories… but in case now i need to get the blackpearls firstly to buy a weak perch so that just my ridergear can work at least …

I really hope the compensation will come in a way at least for gear… i mean that some % of damage for kill island is now not need.

i probably wont need that gears now, because i dont need a 2nd perch actually… first of all i havent the energy and stuff for , so would it be possible to regain the stuff we used for defensive rider gear, so we maybe use it on a different way.

You surely know that special base design mid players use… which i prefer too… for this one its not more useful.
Btw. , for future it would be helpful to have from a element different items… like 2 different glows or helmet. Not everyone need similar boosts too :slight_smile:


Wow, I guess this is the new era of base building, the least you could let us do is swap out perch positions. Even though I’m livid about this change I am excited to brainstorm and find the best way to build right now. Ultimately, you still did screw the free players…

I just woke up so when I comprehend this change I’m sure I’ll be back here to express my furiousness.


Well I said it before and ill say it again. This is an AWFUL idea. Gear needs no Buffs. This is just a way to make people NEED gear, and good gear at that. But people already want good gear…

I get that this is an attempt to make it so ONLY whales can take on whales. I guess whales are getting what they wanted… to be untouchable. I have talked at length about this game needing to make the gap between the whales and the more moderate spenders smaller NOT larger. But this makes it Larger. FAIL PG FAIL!


Yeah, this is exactly my situation, so I’m one of the people who got screwed over big time by this change. Still digesting and trying to figure out if there is a way to rework my base without costing a ton but I’m not seeing it at this point. That’s always been the problem with this game- the unforgiving nature of base design. PG makes changes like this on a whim, but it’s not possible for players to change their bases accordingly because they haven’t given us mechanisms to do so (things that we have asked for like the ability to trade in towers or salvage old towers, etc…).
Really ticked at this point. :angry:


I will take advantage of this comment to bring this to more peoples attention:


This 100X - Moving legendary and mythic runes around is an expensive proposition for the free/elite only player.

So what I got from @pgEcho is this:

Bases that take months/years/cash to build a certain way are now going to either have to be completely rearranged, or we can elect to not utilize defensive riders… sounds fine, aside from the fact that offensive riders are now going to give their dragons a ridiculous buff.

For context - I am 208 and I consistently raid in the 270-300 range if I intend to solo a base, sometimes higher if I want to use 2 or 3 dragons. There are people lower level than me who are better fliers that can do much better. Now we’re going to have 170’s hitting in the mid 300’s if they craft some good gear… Ah, but there’s a counter they say… the counter to these offensive buffs is defensive buffs - awesome right? Ha, nope! To utilize the defensive buffs, we have to rearrange our towers in less optimal configurations…

I say the current state of gear buff and application is much better than the proposed changes.


Ez rage build lmao! And u have to waste rubies again unequiping gears cuz not all players has same perch lvl lol. I dont even understand the need of rubies to unequip a gear. Many games i played equips are free to be unequipped , whats not is if equips has some encrypted cards or stones and you want to unequip those cards or stones that gives extra stats.

With that being said pls allow me to suggest.
I would suggest for gears all have same stat, remove rarity, and implement blacksmithing an equip instead , like a +1 helm +1% hp, + 2 helm +2% up to plus 10 helm, +5 and higher incrementing has lesser success rate no change in + if failed . So instead of wasting scrolls which is kind of insane to acquire, most of higher sapphire player and up are as addicted as one another, so im seeing luck and money becoming a huge factor, which makes huge gap again between pay to win players vs free /elite players atleast make gear crafting become more flexible to non cash players.

Going back to perch positioning. Seems like there will be a new meta if this update is not polished. Sucks, wasting rubies for unequipping runes etc.



So now the seasonal maxed rare gear is even less worth spending sigils on than I thought before, when you had to have a set of epic at level 3 to match the seasonal maxed rare gear. Glad to know not to bother trying for the Veteran rider now as the 25% boost is much less valuable than it was before this announcement…

Plus, another huge boost for players who have Atlas. A few lucky builds and 4 pieces of level 1 or 2 legendary and epic gear will be better than a full set of seasonal rare. And before the pile on of how hard it is to get epic and higher gear, I have an alt with Atlas on a mid-level team, and have plenty of epic and legendary gear after a few months. Plus, with scroll costs going down, it makes it even easier to keep crafting the same item over and over until you get a decent rarity to equip.


Will all respect, Echo, either:

  1. PG’s logic is explained by the the loading tip “Keep clearing those trees and forests, one more tower can make all the difference!”
  2. The changes are being made because crafting gear are not generating revenue as well as expected, so now having good gear will be close to mandatory.

I can honestly accept those answers, or any logical answer for the change, this is a business and transparency can work.


+80% HP ATK to 1 dragon !!! This means that a dragon with 1million HP, will have 1.8m HP ?!! did I get it right ?!
Furthermore, what about the Gears we have already made? Will they be buffed too?
thank u


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wiiiiiiiiii i missed it :smile:


well i am super pissed about these perch changes. as a etp player i i have to make decisions carefully, and now i have a useless higher level perch in a place that won’t be useful, and if i even try and correct it i have to worry about the cost of moving ruins as well. will wait till update to see other changes, but this is sounding like my exit point…

wouldn’t even say pissed; more disappointed that i wasted so much time on this game now


Agreed. I am against the idea of the buff in general. Maybe as a small bone they could make our perches movable (with each other obviously)


I’ve been thinking that of has been getting player friendly recently, with having better rune prizes, easier to obtain egg token bonus, giving out land to all the teams who have access to atlas… etc…

I almost thought of making a post for positive feedback just for these recent trends, but this…just shows that you only care about money once again.

I’m an elite only player, but still paying to play the game. You are even leaving those population out of competition. What you should have done was to make the gear cheaper, keep the buff rate, and just add riders so that we have to build more gears for each riders, riding on different dragons.

This change just makes whales happy and no one else.


How does this effect the construction time reduction?

Is that limited to this space now?
Is it for the whole base?
Is the % staying the same or changing?

(Sorry is anyone already asked this but I haven’t had my coffee yet)


As for dragons on the perch

Is there any changes?

Does that still only effect the island it is closiest to?
Does that buff go away when destroyed?



i just want to commend PG in listening to the player feedback and then completely fucking ignoring it. Way to make it known that there is no reason to give you people feedback when you ask for it.