Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


See this post for answers:

They also said the buffs will continue after the perch is destroyed.


I wonder if it persists even if it’s sanded? :thinking:


Lol so this will change up the meta a bit…

Personally my kill island is on the last perch island and farms in the front of the last Long Island so this doesn’t affect my layout much at all. Rage drain is on the Long Island and, even though it’s “easier” to dodge, no one dodges it even in war anyways :joy::man_shrugging:. I take it that this was not told to the gameplay faction before hand judging by some of the reactions…so what’s the point of having it if you’re not going to listen to any of this feedback?


There is no point of getting mythic rider gear this season


lol I saw that post, that is the one I actually replied to for all my questions… still doesn’t answer my questions


what didn’t it answer?


This was answered.


So far in this thread I haven’t seen anyone post anything that says they feel like they will benefit from the zone changes for perches. Have you asked players for feedback? Or was this design change created without input from players?

If there are people (players) that think this iui s a good change, I’d like to hear from them.

Also, by nerfing the aoe of defensive riders/gear, you are making the announcement about more upcoming defense riders much less exciting. Many players don’t have enough resources to build a 3rd, let alone 2nd, perch. Furthermore, because shorter bases with higher level towers perform better at lower player levels, only the high level players will even be able to utilize 3 defensive riders.

This idea doesn’t seem to be very beneficial to a majority of players.


He was talking about perchs… perchs have a separate buff and stuff then dragons on perchs


I believe construction time = production buff.

@pgEcho please correct me if I missed the mark.


Changes don’t have to be always beneficial to players.
This adjustment seems to target revenue increase from the existing feature.


Thanks for that…
and asking for confirmation from echo
(Would be nice for them to define what PRODUCTION Buff actually means)


Production buffs are for farms and mills and do not have anything to do with construction time reductions.


Understood. Maybe I’m trying to be a little too optimistic in applying logic to the intent of changing how towers work.

It makes sense to me that buffing combat-related details (attack/defense tower stats per area, dragon type SFX) is different than buffing non-combat related details (such as farm/mill production and construction time reduction).


Always great to see that most admins at PG have not the slightest idea how their product works. Way to go.

So you made a post with the proposal to ridiculously buff crafted gear and got mostly negative feedback.
Then you go ahead and

  • announce implementing probably the biggest buff dragons ever received
  • possibly throw over the messed up game balance even more
  • render all previous investments into seasonal gear and your new veteran rider totally worthless
    (wink: no money for PG via the rider this season I guess)
  • totally mess up the most broadly used base layout by non and medium spending players with decent bases

So just out of curiousity, whose great idea was it to make this already bad proposal a huge spit in our faces? What was the feedback of the Atlas Early Bird Group?

Asking for a friend :roll_eyes::hocho:


Early birds weren’t consulted on this :man_shrugging:


Oh fine, they already ignored the whole community on the forums.
Guess I should have expected that. :man_facepalming:


So basically you screwed up all the people that chosed to wait and catch the “mythic veteran super cool” rider… i seriously can’t understand why a rider that came AFTER the update will not have the updated stats!

He has less ATT buff than past seasonal riders.
He has fire gear that fit just with Corthanak atm (meh).
Now the gear sucks even more with new stats of crafted gear.

Why people should go for him? I really can’t understand how you manage those things.

Also… 25% to 80%!!! At 50% can be even too much! You really need to understand that from A to Z there’s a lot of letters in the middle.
In a month we will fly directly the rider without the dragon i guess.


This made my day :rofl:

I mean once we have riders that add 20% ATK/HP and have 80% buffs from gear, they will be just as strong as their dragon.

Maybe they should make it an RPG and call it War Riders.


As noted, we weren’t consulted on these changes before they were announced. And the vision as I understand it is to tilt the balance more toward bases vs attackers, or put another way, that a fully rider geared base will be in a better position vs a fully geared attacker post-change compared to the current meta.