Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates



There is only one defensive rider. We planned our bases with that in mind. Now you are limiting the coverage of that rider so we can dump loads of cash on you… whenever you finally offer enough riders to cover our previously well covered base.

You folks are making sweeping changes often if late without fully comprehending the effect on your customers. Stop.

You can change things in big ways, but you have to provide a suitable transition.

On another note, this move just made Terris worthless. Who in their right mind would spend for the big prize that isn’t very big?


What do you think about the proposed gear buffs @Spooky ? Do you think these changes will actually make bases stronger relative to dragons?


Two more questions:

  1. So defense gear will effect all towers. Does this mean existing gear will be changed to match?

  2. If defense gear is essentially the same no matter what element type of dragon/rider it goes on, does it need to have an element type at all?


I think if you are the lucky few who has their most important perch in the right position before this update kuddos. This will be a way to counteract some of the rookie bad mistakes a lot of us made in the beginning.


He can’t see what the defensive buffs will be yet, but echo said similar to the dragon buffs… so imagine a level 60 tower 80% stronger


I’m agree,about the first part of your msg,that you can equip gear on any lvl of dragon on perch
It’s a huge difference between having Eztel and Gurasol on perch
So here is few issues for ppl middle lvl (250ish-300ish)

  1. if you building your base nicely-it will be short,so some ppl use to have all main towers on islands 3,4,5
    So they need to change base layout now :thinking:
    Because…here is the issue 2
  2. I’f I’ll build perch 2-I need it to be,at least at Emerald tier
    Also I’ll need good towers on this island
    Otherwise it will be,like a rage building construction
    I absolutely adore ppl with low lvl perch N2!
    Help me to build the rage for the second dragon

So if I’m understanding your point correctly,I’m losing all benefits from my old gear,if I won’t change layout of won’t build new perch

Why we need to do this?
I honestly don’t understand


I asked his opinion on the limited information we all now have. Spooky has always been very objective so I am interested to see what he thinks so far.

The changes not only include the buffs, but where buffs are applied. It’s more than “Hey do you think 80% is good or not”. I’m interested in his opinion on the whole picture.


@pgEcho @PGCoffee @PGJared @PGEggToken
Basically, I disagree with all the changes.

  1. Simply put – First and best decision is “Don’t change any GEAR Buff’s Period”. This is a game mechanic that already works so why fix something that’s not broken.
  2. Second best decision – Reduce the proposed Buff Increases (they are far too big) while also applying the appropriate Buffs to the prior “Event Gear”. People used a crapload of Sigils to get each piece of Rider gear, let alone completing 8 pieces of Gear for any Seasonal Gear set they finished.
  3. Third best decision – At an absolute minimum, those players who used Sigils for Event Gear should be compensated an an equal amount of Sigils used for the acquired Gear.

Please rethink this is as this whole Crafted Rider Gear proposal is illogical and wrongheaded.


See my post at bottom of the thread… but this makes ZERO Sense. I guess get ready for a mass of Sigil refunds if U all don’t change this. LOL


Let me just add this:
Without offering movable perches and atleast 3 defense riders, the limitation of riders on perches is unacceptable.


And in War Riders they will add the dragons that rides the rider!
There’s always enough space for nonsense mate! LOL


Question: PG apparently brought together a group of players to consult with when they think of stupid stuff to implement in WD and Atlas.

Was this just a front and do these players know that they are wasting their time?


Wait let me get this straight @pgdave @pgEcho historically u have had a balance problem in this game and u continue to have balance and rebalance dragons/towers. So now the plan is purposely imbalance the game, and make ppl pay to balance it back out? :joy: I mean that’s kind of shady


don’t do this :expressionless:


Personally, this is a positive. My base layout and perch levels will be greatly supported by this.

However, the vast majority will not, and we don’t have a manageable way to rearrange accordingly. This entire thread would have a different tone if players had a way to salvage/transform/whatever towers, and if removing tower runes were less expensive.


Agreed, this whole proposal is broken. PG is again fixing game mechanics which already work great and not fixing ton’s of game aspects which require attention.


Just so i understand correctly, the buffs to towers from defensive rider gear will still be applied to all spots while the area effect of the perch ability(15% hp/ supershot/ etc) has been expanded within each section of a players base? Or will an archer buff on perch 1 not be given to an archer tower that is on 2nd perch?

Either way, just another example of why i made my layout flexible. Said it many times, game is always changing, always evolving, if not caught on by now then idk if ignorance or simply stubborn.


It’s positive that CRAFTED Gear get’s up to an 80% (which is far too much) Buff while EVENT Gear gets the shaft? Ur focusing on one tiny aspect of the changes because it improves ur own base? That’s laughable.


do you have any idea the amount of work goes into getting this stuff. you have work your ass off for every damn piece!
Paying is out because 1 set of armor costs an insane amount like the amount of a whole island or more lol


This isn’t an evolving mechanic…that’s a gross oversimplification and not remotely accurate.