Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


… did you read the rest of what I wrote, or just the first sentence?


Question and comment

Question: I assume future defensive riders will have boost to all towers in their skill set, will current defensive rider skills be updated to fall in line with that?

Comment: defense rider zoning seems like a smart move for pg but a huge shaft to players. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of mid/low tier players just quit after this change.


Then what is it? Evolving is to change… dont get mad at me, i aint the one making these changes but u can bet im prepared for them.

This really isnt that big a deal at all, im all for this. Keep up the good work pg!


Yes evolving is a change… but again ur oversimplifying.
They’re not introduce a new game mechanic. They’re purposefully imbalancing an existing one, and forcing ppl to pay large amounts of money to balance things again. That’s not evolution. They’re exploiting us.


I dont see it that way though, for someone who has spent as much time on defensive gear as i have i already know what ima change and it wont be that expensive for me…also ive got gear for towers in 2 different elements that i previously had no use for until now. When crafting event comes around ive found it beneficial to have gear that requires a different element to upgrade rather than say having all ur gear requiring wind as one of the elements…run out of wind quick.

For example; wind and dark element both have max archer attack buff gear, but the dark element archer attack requires completely different elements…now ill be able to utilize both pieces. Also, i got a legendary Lt attack buff i couldnt use before with fire element, will be using that now.

To be fair its not a simple as im making it out to be, i still have much to consider but to me = fun. I love this :poop:


The riders have slots for 8 gear pieces, but the gear is changing to 1 of 2 types of buffs. Will these buffs be stackable, or is each rider only going to have use for 2 of its 8 slots?


Cool, maybe teach us how you build your movable perch on wheels and free to swap runes so we have your kind of flexibility too.


Moveable perch…

Step 1: bond rider to dragon with element of your choice.

Step 2: place dragon on either perch 1, 2, or 3.

Im currently working on upgrading 3rd perch. Honestly not something i wanted to do bc upgrqding the 1st two was a pain, to say the least. I just wanted to be ready for anything.


Oh you‘re building a third perch?

They you must be one of the 0,01% in this game that have all other islands full of lvl60 towers so that you build on the last island now.

Sadly this is not the case for most of the player base.





Oh okay.

So then you have a stretched out base which was trash and now you sell it as your “you were always ready for this change” strategy?

Which basically makes your input about base layouts redundant.


It will cost him 3x more to upgrade all of his perches with rider buffs, and all of his towers will still be lower level then someone who hasn’t spread out.

Khaos, take a look at the perch effect map again please. Riders will only effect certain islands now, so they won’t “stack” like they currently do. They will be separate items



Yeah its trash, trash that can drop a harbringer that assumes im trash.

Say what you want but look who mad and look who happy :slight_smile:


Im sorry but what do you mean by stack, they never stacked in the first place…

Gear and research stack but gear has never stacked.


That’s why i used the quotation marks :wink:
Interwebz 101

What iy mean is in conjunction with. AKA one perch giving archer attack, a second perch giving you archer defense.

The basics of what i’m trying to say is that if you never have any towers in the scorched lands, having a rider on perch #3 in the scorched lands will in no way shape or form buff any other towers on your base. You have started to reel in your towers i assume based on our last discussions, so there is no need for you to put a dragon with rider and gear on your perch #3 because it will have zero value.


I can agree with u there, 3rd perch im still debating with myself as to what purpose i will have but im still upgrading it same as storage, letting it ride.

Then again i just read where pg echo stated that perch lvl no longer matters so might allow me to leave it where its at. The only reason to upgrade at this point would be to deal damage while attacker builds rage.


Would 30/30/30 be better than that?


Still not sure to have seen an answer regarding the construction time. It’s not a tower buff nor a production item…
Is it still impacting the whole base or only specific area?


No answer yet


What do you mean by 30/30/30?