Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


I would hope that research applies to all spots unrelated to gear. Clarification would be nice.

Either way, anyone with perch 1 and 2 upgraded to lvl 31 are good to go.


Apologies If I missed this, but all seems to reference gear (rider armor) impacts.

Will this impact targeting of rider skill tree as well? And if so, will construction buffs only apply to towers in that section?

Personally I believe leaving the rider skill tree as impacting the entire base makes far more sense, but as it was stated this has been left rather ambiguous.

@pgEcho can you please clarify if changes will occur to rider skill tree as well as armor buffs?


Whole base but each perch gives about 25% to 30% bonus instead of 80%


Then yes i’d be 100% in favor for this.

Perch rider effects the entire base in a smaller-ish amount, and adding more perch riders simply increase this buff. That way you can have flexibility with which perches you choose to use, your current perch buffs will work properly, and elementals aren’t going to be all fcked up from switching from a warrior to a sorcerer by putting the perch rider in a different location for the buffs.

I’d 100% be in favor of this, even though it would cost more due to the amount of armor you would have to craft. But still it would be less unfavorable then the currently expected changes detailed out in this thread. It would have the same net effect of max base with max riders giving 80% buffs to all base towers, but it would be substantially better for the middle crowd :+1::+1::+1:


I like the changes.

Couple of misconceptions / corrections

1- you dont need 3 defensive riders. Or 2. Normal riders work just fine for gear buffs

2- it makes players above lvl 380ish actually have something to build towards - eg base actually gets better as it gets longer

3 - the gear buffs allows dragons to be carried through a tier- eg hau can now become late garnet early emerald; noct can perform on harb level

4- it changes the broken/op mage drain island meta. There is no way 4 lvl1 towers relative power can be justified.

5 - it to some degree balances long vs short making long bases less of a detriment than current

6 - the perch itself now benefits almost 3x as many towers. The relative boost might offset the loss.of the base wide boost of certain gear.

I do think they should give players the ability to packup and deploy perches like towers so they can move the perch as needed


Ok now we entered twilight zone when i agree with Gox :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

#3. Big hell yes for my legendary earth shield and other epic earth hp gear for hau.

#4. Honestly though the 2nd perch drain island with lvl 1 mages and no perch is one of the easiest strategies to bypass already but i agree this lowers incentive or reliance toward the setup.


Im not claiming its all positives and rosy; but i think its interesting.


I respect that


A 27/27/27 per perch would be better, giving a long base a reason to exist, I dont think segmented 80’s would have that effect.

I agree that what people arent getting, low levels arent going to be getting this, it would be a waste of time and effort. The base buffs and forgable gear would be pretty much for people who are done or near done everything else.

This would be a good thing, a lot of people would have to make careful decisions on what dragons to use, do they want noctua to still be viable for utility, or do they want a powerhouse to plough down.

Well even with it, I dont think it’ll disappear only be reformed in some other way. But right now it doesnt even matter because for the most part harbinger can take down 60’s without rage.

As i said, I think a 27/27/27 model would have a better effect to this end.

The gear would not the specific dragon as i understand it. that would be insane 60% warrior + 80% for rider gear, each tower would have more than 20m HP.

I rather think we need a perch added to the remaining long islands, for a total of 5. might be less programming than making perches movable.


80% flak attack is gonna be ridiculous lol 2nd perch dark element here i come… as well as 10% dark flak resist saphire research :smiling_imp:


I think id take 80/80/80 above 27/27/27

Its doable


Doable, true but it would force odd/unoptimized base structures. the 27/27/27 would maintain player creativity and choice in base design. Its a matter of working around a buff or having a buff work for you.


Woooow, i really should slow down when reading. Im SO confused at how this will work when converting gear but am intrigued lol

I guess it will just be based off rarity and not be tower specific anymore…hmmm not bad


Construction time reduction is also universal regardless of perch location.




Furthering the gap more and more. Does the GPF get to review any of this stuff ? The new hunter looks good. Which I know they had a part in. But atlas gear and team troops for castles not 4 and 5

Edit The random giveaway of level up rewards. Team quests being a waste of time, rider missions as well. PG has been missing alot lately.


Oh snap!!!


Will it be possible to hire more than one base rider type as you mentioned that it will not be the sum of non-combat buffs but the highest value? Because currently I can’t hire more than one defense rider, can I? @pgEcho


Can you please comment on what you think of doing 27/27/27 global over 80/80/80 segmented, from the people ive seen making frustrated comments this seems to be a stem of their frustrations


To get this right… you are saying basically every single decent base that isn’t endgame receives a substantial nerf which would need an overhaul costing another unviable amount of resources?

The rare gear we once got is comparatively useless now, almost as much as your new costly veteran rider?

Atlas got pretty much mandatory now, more cash being spent to conquer and hold land…

And well, the community voicing concerns about the buff being too excessive in the first place… you simply ignored it once again and went with what could max profits. Again? This is even worse than the ‘base-rebalance you rebalanced after the rebalance’.