Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


No nerf at ALL. Big buff, regardless of how layout is set up. The scale will be equivelant to what the layout already consists of in terms of being effective. In other words it will be managable for all players… if i understand correctly.

Yes the gap is increased but the way i see it is that skill is getting more valuable while cash is becoming less in the end. But cash will always be the shortcut and odds/ luck still a factor with crafting. What to focus on and when, will be the skill factor.


Only problem here is it throws off the perceived balance. One dragon can be buffed 80% with a rider with maxed gear. The base would need 3 maxed sets of gear to have an equivalent buff.

Any way you look at it, 80% is too much. You guys in the mid 300’s - imagine getting hit by a 182 with a rider with maxed gear on an Emerald Necryx. Is it unlikely - yes, but not impossible. My teammate has been playing 2 years, is level 182 - she has Emerald dragons, Atlas, and the means to spend if something REALLY worthwhile comes along to spark her interest.

@Recramorcen and I have been discussing it, and I don’t mean to devalue or trivialize the time and money that would go into a maxed set of even Epic gear, but after enough people start crafting and upgrading gear at these proposed buff levels, the balance will be thrown off like it was with the great nerfing (that was somewhat reversed) a couple months ago.


@mechengg my dream of mild application of logic has come true!


I kind of disagree with this, while yes it is possible, you’d have to be a pretty big idiot to splurge on legendary rider gear(8k) when you can jump over 2 tiers of breeding for less(4k-5k)


Free wise you can do both at the same time and at different rates. Say your rider gets some epic and some legendary and some rare gear and it averages out to +30/+30 instead. That is still a HUGE DEAL.


Probably a fringe case, as I said, but it’s possible.

There are A LOT of people I know who are keeping their base level as low as possible, only upgrading their base to unlock a new tier of dragons.

What’s more likely is people in the middle class getting smashed by much lower levels with rare/epic gear.


Simply put the biggest risk to imbalance would be people going offense or defense respectively, and youd have to organize the team accordingly, who has the great offense dragon to back in wars, and whos base do you defend like its the promised land because it has buffs.


Yea, im aware, im level 300, going on harbinger, i did obsidian at 200


Dragon rider perch buffs (the ones from your dragon, not your rider) also now impact multiple islands as shown in the image. This is a complete additional add which didn’t exist before which also increases the defense value of the perches.


how many(non alt) accounts below 100 do you really think have atlas?


I never said below 100.


I love you


Yes, with gear being limited to buff only certain islands per perch you are messing most decent bases big time though. The one strategic place to have your rider with gear on is now as good as obsolete… building another perch, if you have enough pearls is another few levels and clocks wasted and a complete relocation of towers with rage drain islands becoming useless if otherwise.

Have you considered this?


I think its about time, the entire concept you speak of is outdated, old. Time for the new, ive been waiting for this…


ok well lets explore the scenario a bit,
Dark Flak:
Tower Level: 36
Min Level:130
Attack Power: pre-buff 668,821
Attack Power: post-buff 1,203,877.8
New tower Level Equivalency: 45
Like skipping 1 tier of dragons, 36 is platinum, 45 is early garnet.


So if I have this on my riverwatch perch

It will effect all of the yellow area?

Or is the Every 4sec select on Nearby tower… still only to the temple island towers or all covered area


The entire highlighted area.


Thank you sir




That makes it much weaker.

Very very few people would want the third perch.

Id.rather have 2 perches which each.require 80/80

Can you explain why you