Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates


:thinking: Considering perch crediting and so on is unlikely, what about element swapping one set of def gear as-is (T2 Legendary Ice Shield to T2 Legendary Fire Shield and such), considering the significant strategy shift?


For increased base diversity, the way it is now, people will have to work around the bonus


Sorry Rec, I’m going to plead lack of sleep or stupid but I dont get it.

Since its a flat out hp/attack boost, how would it change diversity?

Its literally a scenario of “+27% all tower HP” vs “+80% all towers on 3 islands HP”

There is no more “ice turret dmg” or “dark flak hp” etc. gear


To elaborate is it:

  1. The entire highlighted area until the perch dies (as per current)
  2. The entire highlighted area perpetually (as gear currently does)

This makes a HUGE difference.


Dragon Perch Buffs based on the dragon equipped as well as dragon rider gear buffs placed on the perch all last perpetually.


I think the major difference is that the +80% may only affect half of your towers depending on how you have your islands set up. AKA my base falls half into the green zone and half into the yellow zone, so only part of my towers will be effected no matter which location i selected to put it in.

If i were to only have a single +27% to all towers buff it may affect all of my towers and possibly have a greater impact. this all depends on how the towers are set up on any specific base



That is HUGE and basically you can buff the health of every single tower you own substantially.


Correct, it is one of the offsetting balance changes to offset the fact that 1 rider can no longer buff the entire playable area.


ok @pgEcho im trying to defend you and these buffs here, but the 80/80/80 is just gonna destroy the meta and pigeon hole base creation.


Could you elaborate on destroying the meta?


I disagree, all that will be required is upgrade 2nd perch and 1 section of dwarf setup is back where it was on the scale. I dont even have this layout but i dont see it being impacted differently.


Rage drain island 6, main towers islands 4,5, farms island 3.

In order to make Island 4 and 5 have the new perch buffs, one now has to ruin the entire purpose of a rage drain an add a perch to island 6 for the lead to leave behind so their wing can gain rage.


Rage drain-gone, you’re either choosing the buff or the have a strategic utility island.

Farm islands-now no effective place to put them, either you put them on L1 or S1 and lose 1/3rd of the consequential bonus, or 2 you put it in front and give the invader a free rage generation island

L3 value- P1 & P2 have 3 islands to give bonues to, L3 has 2, making it further irrelevant, and not cost effective

I can give more examples

But if you change it to global buffs then you give reason to have a long base as it will give the player a boost in strength. All you have to do is change the warrior hp bonus to relative for a whole base, and same for hunter and sorcerer, split their bonuses with the intent for a global distribution of power.

Please consider the 3 way split global over the partition. I promise you a lot of the apprehension people are giving will disappear. I really want these bonuses, but I also want to be as creative as possible with base layout.


Island 6 needs to be good, rage drain hasn’t stopped me since I got a hang of noct (in the sense of actually using him, not the “any guy will do” flying style that gets people killed early)


I think the base savvy peeps are getting hit from id**ts too much… rage drain really doesn’t do much anymore if you put the bar of opponents flying as high as your base building savvy-ness. So many people can dodge rage drain nowadays it’s not even funny. Who did you build your base for? People who can fly? People who can’t fly? (With the exception of Destar teams)

Craving for permanent freeze on a tower so that one can kill much higher bases
Having rage drain viable so can kill much higher dragons.
Im for strategies and it’s great that one can do it. but I’m not sure if I am for the mindset behind having to have these types of outcomes. “Great I can have it & ok I’ll work something out if I don’t” sounds nicer…

Having rage drain is also a lot cheaper than getting an effective island. It’s true what Gox said if you take a minute and think about it. 4 lvl 1 towers do more than 4 lvl 50s? If that should be the case then why are you leveling up your towers?
This is like wanting to have a metal screener and ask the dude to come in to fight without a weapon so that the win is quite easy if he’s not good at bare hands combat (rage drain dodging) when you have a whole SWAT team aiming at the entrance. Great strategy if for the win, but it’s gettig old

There are things I don’t like about this area of effect change, but it is time to give the cost nothing rage drain island plans a hard time.


@pgEcho can you explain this in more detail please. Does stacking apply to both gear buffs and rider skill? So for example if you had 3 riders each with 10% construction time reduction, will you now get 30%?


I don’t see a problem here. I see two possible ways to set up a base, and the choice as to which is more valued by that individual player.


Only hunters have the ability to dodge, so the rage drain is still effective if someone tries to lead with a different dragon. You are right we build for good fliers, but having 27m hp towers for 1 set of armor isn’t a viable solution either, having people do 3 armor sets to get that bonus is far more balanced IMO.

I agree I tired of all the tom dick and harry dragons, but all to often PG brings out towers without an adequate defense in place, even 60 towers have a tough time with Harbingers, and bringing them down a peg is the only way to get an edge for being able to kill them.
If PG changes their ways and releases tower levels and a whole tier at the same time, then I’ll shut up and rage drain can disappear. But that also doesnt change that P2 has a lot more value than P1 and P3, and it still means L3 is weak af, and that long end game bases are at a disadvantage to short islands with maxed towers.


For the universal buffs (Construction/Production)… Each perch will sum up the total, and then the perch with the highest total buff is the value that is used on the base.

The other combat buffs sum up the total buff on the perch/rider and apply the benefit to just the highlighted regions.

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so no 36% off construction time, shame