Atlas Crashes App Ongoing Close To A Month Now

Atlas crashes game nonstop unable to do anything in atlas ongoing right at a month now. Atlas elite monthly wasted no help from support. Issue happened when support asked me to delete app and reinstall. iPhone XR always updated. Honestly getting tried of game issues causing me to miss out in individual and team rewards. I know it takes time to fix and resolve issues but players should get compensated back what they weren’t able to get due to game mechanic. This has happened so many times in major events and has and continues to affect account negatively which is honestly wrong and really stealing in my book.

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Try working a little closer with Support and you will be able to get it resolved (hopefully) but trust me it does get better eventually. You just gotta be able to open a ticket get first auto response then either reply to that or wait for second more personable response. When you actually have a person from Support on the line. Either. Internally or via email work with them to resolve it. Yes it is frustrating but by you being online with Support really helps to get to the bottom of certain log jams (data bits stuck in pipelines prevent Atlas loading or some graphic anomaly needs tweaking). Do all relevant steps and above all else be sure to have enough open space or memory to handle it

I have had the same issue since mid-January after the Android update but it definitely isn’t an Android only prob. I’ve been messaging support regularly since then and trying all their suggestions. Support told me last time my not-even-year old Android was out of date and asked me to try it on another, updated device to see if the problem was solved. I did so on a iPhone XR and my game was still crashing when going into Atlas and after that they just told me to be patient and that was a week or two ago. I keep seeing others having the bug happen for them and it sounds like we are all on different devices etc. I feel your frustration though as I’ve missed out on every Atlas event since mid-January plus anything else concerning Atlas and was basically locked out of spending my Glory/Badges last season after a decent start. I hope they fix it soon and wish I had something more to offer, but know it’s happening a lot more than it should so with hope it will get fixed eventually. I went to free to play because they’ve been telling me for months it’s being worked on and it’s yet to be resolved with new things coming out pretty consistently. I know a few others who pretty much did the same stating they weren’t spending again until it’s fixed for them. If you had Atlas Elite and submitted a ticket when the problem started, I would ask for a compensation of days from the time it started until it ran out when the issue is resolved. The ticket dates should show it as a record of when the problem started so with hope, maybe they will credit that to you

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Agree and have and do everything they ask yet account continues to be negatively impacted over and over and over again it’s honestly beyond old and sad when you compare what I have spent and invested in account.

I can check on that status of the ticket and issue. What’s your support ticket number?

play the game through a third party virtual space app and problem solved, granted is not the best solution, but until pg does something about it, is the best way to play the game.

Same problem here. I’m on android and i could enter atlas perfectly this week. But now it keeps crashing. I had the same problem last week amd support told the same that i uad to check my android version. But that is not problem, because i could enter atlas durning some days.

Im having the same issue for over a month. Got support and did everything exactly the way they told me and it still ain’t fixed. Lost a lot of possible rewards and missed events.

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Yes it truly sad how long it takes to fix/coverup bugs and issues! They know how issues impact accounts. They have done major damage to my original account and now this one, not just once, twice, three times more like five or six times where account was rolled back during major events! Each time it took weeks/months to fix. Missed D1 team rewards, individual rewards, daily items, which all impact season rewards in regular and atlas! Account was also unjustly ban with 4.80 update and then again for no reason. All took weeks plus to somewhat fix! Never any compensation for not being able to play and missing out on rewards, egg, season the list just snowballs! Took well over eight months for support to get finally research and credit account for missing event dragon stones and runes for dragons in which I had to have to be able to get the mythic ones! Have pretty much begun to believe it’s PG’s business plan to just start to screw over players so they just quit playing because they don’t care and already have gotten our money so why care! With the amount I have spent on account as have so many it’s just sad tbh!

Original was closed due to how system closes them unless you post something every three days! Then you get the canned reply or from someone who doesn’t even read the entire ticket. I understand support gets many dumb and crazy tickets. I don’t Envy what they do or have to deal with. Will try and login and get tickets for you if I can but app crashes like crazy now even under help/support tickets. I have a new iPhone XR with like 45g of free space. I even backed up family photos to laptop and then did a complete restore to phone. I did the Apple update and then only downloaded war dragons app and guess what same issues! It isn’t device and I have done all the airplane mode, graphics adjustments while standing in one leg!

We are all haunted by this latent Black Screen of Death lately it has escaped the bounds of Atlas and found its way to War Dragons & lay waiting for you to make a critical team play in PvP to rear its ugly head and crash your device. But have no fear since PG is doing us all a favor in spurring on China’s economy by insisting WD only works on latest top of line devices (which overheat driving overloaded touch parameters burning out batteries while melting internally. Don’t worry all part of plan to ensure you’re a compliant consumer and if not… well there simply is no truth whatsoever coronavirus was one of the bugs from WD 5.15… none at all

I have this happen about once a month on my iPhone 8 Plus. The only thing that fixes the issue is a hard reset of my phone. It takes a while, but afterwards I’m good to go in Atlas for another month or so. Not ideal by any means, but it beats having to go through the same checklist every time it happens. I don’t want to add up the days of wasted Atlas elite that have happened as a result of it.

Edit: for the record, I have also tried things like deleting Line history, etc. Clearing stuff other than just game.

I’m guessing cause it clears your memory. Again, this is a memory leak, affects every device differently but if you use a virtual space app and run your game from within every-time, your crashes will likely completely stop because the virtual space app does the job that war dragons does not. Which is clearing memory after is used.

For android, id recommend parallel space, if anyone knows a good one for IOS, try it out and if it works, post it here.

We’ve had to make an architectural change to the game in attempts to produce a solution that would work for many of the Android devices affected by this. Once testing is cleared, we’ll get this out to everyone ASAP in an app update. Be on the lookout for messaging about this soon.

I have had the same issues for over a month now. I have enough memory on my device to run it properly and am running it on the latest IOS. This is completely ridiculous, because of this we’ve lost so much meaningful progress and can’t help our team whatsoever in events.

This may or may not work- but typically does when my iPad starts to have issues (whether it’s in atlas or the main game event)-

In this order:

  • Make sure you have 4GB free

If you do -> continue ->

  • Offload WD app in phone settings
  • Clear website cashe in phone settings
  • Switch to airplane mode
  • Hard restart device
  • Reconnect to WiFi
  • Reinstall WD

After several tickets and responses back and forth regarding this issue, being told it was my phone and not the game, even after years of playing without the issue, getting removed from my team due to my inability to play in Atlas I finally figured out how to correct the issue. After years of fighting game issues all I had to do was uninstall the app, then quit playing.
I have not been treated like I have no idea what I’m talking about by support since, and it has not crashed once.

Mark this thread solved
Uninstall and move on !

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My teammate is having the same issue. Only she’s gone a month+ with zero response from support. Got a brand new device (iPhone max) and suddenly atlas crashes on her immediately. This is a major chunk of the game that she’s missing out on. Not to mention definitely hindering her progress.

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Patience is a virtue however no virgin! Keep up with Support and don’t get disparaged. We’re all in this together! From my experience don’t let anyone tell you it’s your device or you ISP etceteras… I have over 100 Gigs free on my iPad and always the same troubles. And I certainly do NOT recommend using any newer (as in expensive) equipment… took me months fighting with Apple to replace my new iPad Pro after this toaster melted the screen off it… What you need to do is develop an ongoing relationship with Support to point where you are working with the same Support Personnel while you are actively online playing the game… only in this manner will they be able to spot what is happening at the instance it happens… it has taken a good six months to a year to iron out some of these bugs… eventually we’ll get this one fixed too… or not…

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Yo it’s been going on with me for literally months. I had the XS Max upgraded to 11 pro max killed my atlas experience altogether I feel your pain.