Atlas Crashing Bug

Not sure if this is the place to post this remove if necessary. It’s been a few months now of my game almost continuously crashing inside of atlas. I can’t participate in events I can’t collect prizes like a normal player. When I access atlas I have between 30 seconds to approximately 1 min till my game crashes and I have to start over each time trying to claim a prize or even attack a gold mine. My question is when will this be resolved? Before everyone asks I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.and I’ve contacted Apple support and they ensure me it’s on this side and not there’s. All I keep getting from you guys is we’re aware of the issue and are working on a way to fix it. Well I got that message 2 months ago and haven’t received a fix or even a msg on progress. I would like to know when I’ll be able to play atlas again?

Try shutting down and restarting your phone. I get the same issues occasionally, black screen, being booted when trying to collect prizes or attacking either prims or hitting beasts. Restarting my device seems to clear it up for a good while.

too many apps opened?

not enough storage space?

I’ve done all of the troubleshooting methods.

Plenty of storage brand new phone no other apps open.

Righteous I honestly think VIRTUE maybe your saving grace as said above virtual space. I honestly fear maybe graphics server issue due to incompatibility with newer AR streams - older 2D and even some more recent 3D graphics code is incomparable with the latest craz in Augmented Reality … originally slated for dedicated servers AR trends made it much too popular for even modest server farms to ignore … this meant good old standard graphics , if wish to be hassle free glitchless, so to speak, are the ones who must find and pay for “dedicated servers” … alas … but hey PG claims to be building its own distinct platform/engine (performancing et al) who knows maybe it’ll prove worth investing in own servers - NOT (there remains after all good reason no one’s seen 128 since we all went 64 ages ago and that’s a secret well kept)

I applaud you for your commitment to your team and game that you keep trying with what is obviously such a broken experience.

Have you tried launching your game on another device? Borrow someone’s if you have to. If you can prove its your game account thats broken then they will have something more to look at.

Hope that helps

It’s not only me my friend I know a handful going through this exact same thing. My wife included. Hers just started when we upgraded devices. Mines been going on for months now.