Atlas Crashing Game

Anyone else experiencing this issue? I am currently reinstalling the game, as that is what support would say to do. We will see if that “fixes” it.

Several players on my team are having the same issue.

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Reinstall didn’t work. Atlas still locks the game,

I can do one maybe two attacks in atlas and then my game freezes.

I’m having the same issue. Everytime i open atlas, it freezes as soon as i try to navigate. I have restarted several times and also reinstalled the game, but the issue still persists. I setup a ticket with pg #1010724. Im just waiting for a response…

I have a response from PG. It basically tells me to reset everything, make sure no one in wireless range of me has their stuff turned on, call AT&T and ask them to reset my router, hold my tongue at a 45 degree angle while reciting the alphabet…backwards, tell the family member that is streaming a reality TV show to turn it off because they are stealing the bandwidth (this was an actual comment), reset all my network settings on every device in the house (do they realize I work out of town?), do a WiFi channel swap, then finally…ensure that there isn’t a firewall blocking my access (now how could I open the game to even get to Atlas with firewall blocking it?). Absolute silliness by rookies…

Then they said “Please let me know how it goes! fingers crossed

Really?!?!?!?!? You need to cross your fingers to hope that YOUR game works???

Lyndon (wardragons)

Jan 31, 8:33 AM PST

Hello xxxMEATxxx,

I’m sorry to hear that the game is freezing. Please check the short list that I’ve created. It should help you pinpoint the cause of the issue:

Try turning off any Bluetooth devices in your vicinity. Certain Bluetooth devices can interfere with wireless signals
Experiment with turning off streaming services for music, movies, etc. A family member’s reality TV show might be stealing all your thunder causing your WiFi connection to drop intermittently
Make sure no cloud services are syncing or working in the background
Please restart your WiFi. This can be easily done by unplugging the devices, then plugging them back in after about 30 seconds.
Also, check whether the rest of your devices and/or computers are connected to the same WiFi network and whether they have Internet access. If they do, reset the iPhone Network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
Power off and reboot your device
Many players report that a WiFi channel swap helps significantly with lag or high ping times. There is a simple tutorial that you can follow here:
If none of the above is helping, check that your network connection is not blocked by a firewall. This could certainly be an issue if you are playing from a public place such as a school or an office

Please let me know how it goes! fingers crossed

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Same issue :face_vomiting:. Tot was just me

---- xxxMEATxxx wrote:

Yep, they sent me the same thing. I work for a telecommunications company, my internet and wifi works fine. My alt works fine, they need to fix their bullshit and then problem solved. Hopefully they fix it soon. Good luck to you!
If i hear something helpful, ill let you know.

I have teammates who normally don’t have an issue with it crashing as well; I’ve asked them all to report it in-game too :slight_smile: - hope it gets fixed.

@PGEggToken Too many people for this to be isolated and the usual “reinstall and check x things” answer :see_no_evil:

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Sign into account and sign out, change graphic settings, restarted your device, make sure other people are not streaming on your wifi:
how about pg fix the problem on their end…

Check to see if your iphone needs to be updated… i just updated my phone and atlas seems to be working now…

Cancel that…atlas is freezing again

@PGDave @PGCrisis

Any update on the freezing/crashing issue yet?


After update… told it’s my device

Understood Axe, but there is no way it is everyone’s device. Still waiting on anything concrete from PG. Sucks…

@AxeAttack You didn’t have purple mode before but you have it now? Since nothing is showing up, I wonder if the graphics are still downloading (did you delete/reinstall?).

We haven’t gotten a ton of reports about freezing; could you each make sure you’ve sent in a ticket @PGEggToken will make sure he helps look into it for you. The good news is that if the game is crashing, we should get a decent idea of why when ET brings up your support ticket and looks at your account.

Have deleted and reinstalled app twice now have plenty of memory and have adjusted graphics settings still the same… going to try another device… hopefully I’m not the only one but from what support said I may be… and nope atlas worked fine before update… lucky enough I can still attack the mine…

@AxeAttack Occasionally reinstalling is a silver bullet so I appreciate that you tried. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is an issue with the release and one we’d like to help fix. By filing a support ticket @PGEggToken can help us figure out the cause so we can get it fixed. I apologize for the trouble in the meantime.

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Dave, @PGEggToken

Now the game just closes when I go to Atlas. I’m surprised you don’t have a ton of tickets. Half my team (those who are on) and League Chat is littered with folks having the same issue. There are also several threads in here in the forums discussing the issue.

I have done all that is asked, including the most recent response:

Mark G (wardragons)

Jan 31, 12:29 PM PST

Hey xxxMEATxxx,

Thank you for getting back to us. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the Atlas map. I understand the situation and I can’t imagine the frustration when it kicks you out of the game. We are constantly improving the performance for all devices, but in the meantime, can you please try the following troubleshooting steps to see if any of them resolve the issue?

Fully close all other apps on your device (double-tap the home button and swipe up all other apps)
Answer - Done like a thousand times.
Close all tabs in Safari (or any other browser installed)
Answer - Done. Ok, maybe not a thousand times…
Reboot your device
Answer - Done repeatedly
Restart the game
Answer - Done ad nauseam
Tap the gear (Settings) icon in the game, then tap the “Game” tab, and select Low or Medium under “Graphics”
Answer - It has always been set on low, still is. All the other effects are turned off.
This should result in better performance, but if your gameplay doesn’t improve, just let me know and we’ll try something else.
Answer - OK, please try something else.

Thank you for playing!

We are currently working to address and fix the crashes players are experiencing. Will provide updates when more information is available.

Thanks for your continued patience.

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We have deployed one of a couple fixes. Let us know if crashing starts to improve for you or not.

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