Atlas Crashing Game



As of now it still freezes up🙈
Can’t do more than 3 attacks in atlas before u gotta reboot the app…atlas is sooo broken​:cry::cry:


Can you ask the head dev for atlas what in the hell they doing changing the value of elemental shards we get in atlas?
It’s a joke right? I used to get near 2k shards on my first hit on lvl 3 poachers. And I woke up today to this shit?!?!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Build your infrastructure


It is working. It takes a really long time to download files for mines, poachers, etc… but it definitely functional again.

Thanks Echo.


And I’m not buying those rubbish shard packs!
I would need to buy 100 of those packs which costs $16k to be able to max all my wind armour.
At this current drop rate, I will only be able to max my armour in like 10 years if I diligently hit them everyday.
F*** knows if I’ll be alive that long!


Sorry what level are you? And how much do you get from hitting poachers?


Oh I see, it’s screw all the new guys in atlas.
Coz we don’t have the troops to fight for high tier lands, how do I fight against someone who has 1 year worth of troops built?!?
Us new teams who were added just last November would all like 5 Star castles, but with your current beta/atlas, there’s no fuckin way that would ever be possible. A lot of older teams have 1 year head start, maxed primes and unlimited troops.
We would just be swatted like flies left, right and center every time!
So how do I upgrade my rider armour with this shit sum of elemental shards? One lvl for legendary gear already costs 40k🤷🏻‍♂️
With this fucked up 4.0 update and the never ending shitstorm in atlas, it’s just so dam frustrating of a game I’ve ever seen! Might be high time to just cut my losses and give up this messed up game​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Any word on this support is not replying kinda wanna play I understand this doesn’t effect many players but still… would like to be hitting more than the mine… 2nd event I cannot boost points by hitting poachers…


We’ve found a reproducible case in testing, which should help us narrow down the cause and work on a fix for this. Signs point to it being a problem with the device properly rendering the 3D background. We’re working on getting this resolved in our next update.

We promise there’s no hidden image in the background when you try to look at it with crossed eyes. :eyes:


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