Atlas Crashing When Clicking Primarch/Troop button

So I’ve been trying to see if I can repeat this, curious if anyone else has noticed Atlas crashing when clicking the Primarch/Troop button. This seems to be pretty consistent, it happened before the update and still happened after the update. It usually happens when hitting the button soon after some previous action. So if I just opened Atlas and hit the button I will just crash. Other time if I move to a different part of the Atlas map and then hit the button right away the same happens.

When I pause after actions a few seconds it seems to not happen so thought that info might help fix it or maybe someone else had the issue and fixed it somehow.

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same for me too on my old note 9.

i havent had this prob on my note 10+ tho.

-not even on my s7, 8, 9,10 either. just on note 9 so far.

Was a temporary issue because of today’s deploy. If it’s not already resolved it should fix with a restart.