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Aloha WD-World,

Now that whole platinum got atlas, I would like to place an idea… Atlas remind me of kingdom wars. How about every team can have ONE headquarter castle? The HQC can’t be taken over from other teams. The leader have to mark the castle as HQC - you have to take over first a castle before you can mark it. You can’t just mark a random castle as HQC. To make sure it will be fair, there should be a “cool down” for changing the HQC. Like …. 7 Days. That would ensure that no one can just mark a castle as HQC when it gets attacked.

It’s not easy for the new teams to hold a castle. We have to fight against sapphire and Diamond Teams who had atlas since last year. They have much more troops, experience and stronger Dragons.

It’s just an idea. Don’t kill me if you don’t like it.

@PGDave @pgEcho

PS: If you don’t like my English, please learn first German, Spanish and Albanian. Than we can see how good you are… :slight_smile: :grin:


Only if you learn French, polish and mandarin. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just no
I guess we will have a lot of weird suggestions now

So you want us to lose stuff,which we earned and bought in a fair way?
You don’t need to fight.No one won’t hit you,if you have bad ranking and lvl 2 lands
Only if you’ll go and bully bigger teams I guess.


That is not true about the level 2 land.

This is true for all teams, its part of Atlas.

As do we all.

Indeed, but this is in part why they put in Glory scaling so those super strong people will not be motivated to attack a plat team on a level 2 castle.

Indeed, stronger bases too. but use a seiger to debuff their base, your dragons will be fine (well maybe lol).

The map size is about to triple, hopefully this means there will be room suddenly for the plats to fight for some land. Good luck!

But the whole point of Atlas is to fight for land to get the benefits (like banks, better poachers and daily payouts). giving someone a free island would take away from it i feel. i could be wrong though :slight_smile:

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That IS a crazy thought

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Why losing stuff? I said that the team have to conquer first a castle before you can mark it to HQC. It’s just about the “holding” at least one.

It’s just … a thought :woman_shrugging: Maybe someone have a better idea?

I think you will find taking an island with 100 primes on it is a task on its own and most teams wont bother even if it is held by a weak team (especially because if the team is weak the attacker wont get much glory). Holding a single island should be manageable even for plat teams if they are active. Assuming you can get one in the first place… thats the trick.


There used to be an idea we had just like this of having a permanent “safehouse” castle for each team, but I’m not sure what became of it. There were likely a lot of issues with just being able to hide forces from the rest of the map, which made turtling up too favorable. Maybe we can revisit this one day.

Probably it got lost among the other ideas, like…event attempting to be decent people, those ones get thrown out really quickly

Indeed that idea was discussed.

I wonder where it went to?

@PGDave @pgEcho - - maybe you have it in a note somewhere?

It’s been filed in the suggestion box that oddly resembles a trash bin :thinking:

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If only someone could find those notes.

I bet the cleaning crew already came through though.

A shame.

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