Atlas daily tribute bonuses

Ok so I was thinking that atlas daily tributes shouldn’t include egg tokens and timers, both of these have almost nothing to do with atlas, the daily tribute should contain gold packs, diamonds, troops or farmers.

So I’m thinking that the egg tokens and timers should go to league daily bonus and this would promote teams fighting to be in the higher leagues and put more benefits and reasons to be in higher leagues rather than sandbag lower leagues for easy personal points.

At the moment atlas is unbalanced massively and a certain mega alliance gets basically a massively higher daily egg token bonus then teams and players not in that alliance, if this was changed to leagues imo it would help and promote the growth in players that are not in that mega alliance and would also promote more spending of resources to stay in higher leagues may also promote to actual have wars again to stay in higher leagues.

So in short owning more castles in atlas should give more atlas only rewards, pvp events and wars don’t give me atlas rewards so why should atlas give non atlas rewards?


Oh good grief! Pleaaaase! Sir! My heart has taken enough today on not being able to max breeding events anymore from the draconic frag changes.

Please don’t give them any more ideas about removing tokens!




:eyes: again…


Please no!!

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It wouldn’t be removing them would be pushing them all to league bonus instead, so play a higher league get more tokens

But like that’s 900 tokens if you do the top three missions 1x a day. 1800 if you can do it 2x.

Over the course of four weeks-- 3600 (or 7200). I don’t know that PG would just give us those. I’m able to work on those no matter which league I’m in. If I have to take a break and go down to a lower league, I still want to be able to keep up with my account as much as possible.

In fact, I know they won’t just give us them because they still value their mission stars (LOL) by putting them in atlas branches.

I suppose if you exchange them for other things that could be useful then sure. But, there’s already a gold option (just not nearly enough gold IMO). I highly doubt they’d allow a diamond option.

EDIT: didn’t understand what you meant. Still not sure I like the idea as you’ve proposed though either, unfortunately.

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I’m not talking about rider missions I’m
Talking about castle tribute egg tokens

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Egg tokens are hard to get as it is. I regularly choose those when I pick my atlas daily. I would hate to see them go (unless they have more in game ways to acquire them easily).

They definitely should keep some aspects on the sides they are designed for though. Like gold. You only use it in Atlas, so everything about it should be atlas based only. Yet people can attack your base on the normal side and steal it.

If they did take away tokens, gold or diamonds would be a great replacement.

The proposal was to move the tokens to leagues.

As an example
d1: 5000 tokens
D2: 4000 tokens
S1: 3000 tokens
S2: 2500 tokens
S3: 2000 tokens
P1: 1600 tokens
P2: 1100 tokens
P3: 800 tokens
P4: 500 tokens
G1: 250 tokens
G2: 200 tokens

Not the above is merely an example as I don’t know the mean token payouts for teams in each league taking their current atlas and league tokens into account.

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This would make sense if leagues made sense. Which they don’t (anymore), unless you are only talking about players (near) endgame and also most active.

There are inactive level 500’s (even 600’s lol) littering lower leagues, making it tough for active low to midrange players to earn good event points. It sucks to be in quite dead plat4 an STILL have to hit the lowest end of scores.
Very active midlevels are forced to stay in half-active platinum teams because they can’t do shit in PvP in higher leagues which would fit their activity but not their level (without constant backup, and not even talking about Crystal Caves or Atlas Power rank and the available targets for low levels in high power rank teams).

Some high levels in lower leagues also can’t be called sandbaggers because they may be active, but just don’t want the stress in high leagues anymore.

Leagues as they are, are a real outdated system which only works on the very top end. Very active/high level. Any other combo (very active/low level, inactive-chill/high level) is facing/bringing massive problems in this system.

I think it would be uncool to a great bunch of people to take away the little daily bonus of their 3, 4, 5 castles in low leagues.

If you could find another option to transfer these prizes to, instead of leagues, it may be ok. Personal event prizes for example. Chest drop rates. Daily login bonus. Idk.


Thing is, if you have a full active team, you can war these other teams with barely any players but all big and then go up leagues, and when you go up leagues you will get more egg tokens. Would make wars actually have a point again

Egg tokens is one of 3 options.

You already can claim troops if you want
And timers are used at both parts of game, regular and atlas.

I don’t see why changes are needed.

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Change it or not I will not move up for the loss of them….
And teams currently use war to push themselves down not up……:man_shrugging:
Feel free it will not prevent or discourage sandbagging because escalating content has devalued that bonus so badly it’s as pointless as defending a castle! :rofl:

It has nothing to do with atlas, and how atlas is at the moment teams hold high tiered castles and don’t have to defend them, the top ta protects them, so you have not great teams getting massive amount of egg tokens per week, where if atlas was perfectly balanced other teams who can’t hold castles now because they are chased by the top ta.

So this would take the egg token bonus out of play for these teams who don’t deserve it, and would bring it into play for teams who are chased, so they can retain players and thier players can grow, so holding castles when being dominated by the top ta is not so important

And I’d say the higher leagues is a way to see what teams are somewhat active and spending resources into game to stay there, so they should be the teams reaping in the egg token rewards not teams who leech of the top ta

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Even less reason to conquer castles.

Discouraging large-scaled activities even further in atlas will only quicken the death of the game, imo.

Hard pass.

But I do agree with the core concept. Base game stuff to base game, atlas stuff to atlas.

Separating those two are conceptually logical.

Ex) Gears will only affect atlas game play while base game stats will not be boosted by gears.

But then after all, my take on that concept can be heavily biased as I wanted the “beta” to be the separate game, not atlas that is connected to WD. :sweat_smile:

Well at the moment there’s only really a select few teams allowed to conquer in atlas atm so wouldnt make a difference, would just help the teams who are targeted by teams they can’t beat to not disband over castle ownership, and will stick around longer because players won’t leave etc because the egg tokens bonus are low

Being the map was never fully integratabtle I completely understand that perspective! Lol
And it didn’t have to be that way……:man_shrugging:
Now had the map actually had a long term objective and the proper mechanics full integration would have been clean smooth and seamless and yes it would have supported the entire player base day one……

And since it would have utilized positional based mechanics it would not be physically minuscule and visually massive with the acquisition of multiple defense objectives being the sad short term objective!
It would have actually supported us all without lag and it wouldn’t have ever needed a expansion.

It could have replaced the short term event cycle with full integration!

And replacement of that antiquated short term event cycle is what it was originally added to do…… :man_shrugging:
So I completely understand and when I realized they were not going to actually integrate it I yelled to keep them as separate as possible but that map eventually invaded the core game through content escalation and other mechanics they added to “balance” atlas!

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