Atlas.. defending your own teams’s Attack?

Hey, new update, new glitch!!
Somehow I joined one of my teammates’s attack in atlas… BUT as defender!!
So instead of being backup I was able to drop defensive supershots and ammo.


Are you sure it wasn’t a defense banner for your teammate? There could have been an attack on him/her at the same time as he/she started their attack.

Lol we just had the same.

Team member attacked an enemy in atlas
We got a defense popup and joined

Ended up defending against our own member :joy:

Aka our super shots would hit them :joy:

That’s hilarious, gonna waste some hammers :joy::grimacing:

Had same issue

Thanks for the report! We’ll look into this shortly. In the meantime, try not to beat up on your teammates’ dragons too much. (63578)


This will be fixed in a forthcoming app update coming as soon as we can. Thanks for bringing to our attention.