Atlas: Defensive Glory Update

Good news, everyone!

In the past, Glory earned through successful defenses was calculated unfavorably for the defender, which inadvertently discouraged leaping to protect one’s allied kingdoms.

For this reason, we decided to make some changes, and now this feature will better reward successful defenses.

We plan on releasing this update on Monday 12/6.

What are the exact numbers?


  • TOTAL GLORY EARNED = MIN[(Enemy Troops Killed * 0.75), (Your Troops Killed * 1.5)] * (Level component + team power component) / 2


  • TOTAL GLORY EARNED = MIN[(Enemy Troops Killed * 0.75), (Your Troops Killed * 5)] * (Level component + team power component) / 2

NOTE: This change only affects defending. Glory calculation for attacking remain the same.


Long awaited change :weary: thank you for listening


Not a bad change.
But what about early quitting on counter sniping?
It make using siegers pointless when someone can use any prim to counter you, then just early quit.
Even using destroyers on a t5 is unfavourable when someone just hits you with any prim and quits at 70 percent.


Isn’t it MAX instead of MIN? :see_no_evil:


The Min on successful defense is your troop loss, so this looks correct

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Yes, you are right. I had a mistake in the calculation I made, this change only improves situations where the enemy losses are high and defender losses are small

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This update literally makes countersniping, and not just EQ useless. If you use a destroyer and you used to get 1K glory for 2K troops lost defending, you now get more glory letting yourself get hit. It would be better to meatshield with a trapper compared to countering glory wise. You will get a better kdr countering, especially when you go to 100% but it’s a really drastic change for glory


It’s min, it takes the number that is the smaller between 2 calculation

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we dont get that bonus if we miss banner ?

About damn time.


If you lose 15k and the attacker loses 2k

2k * 0.75 = 1500
15k * 1.5 = 22500

So you would get 1500 glory since it is the smallest of the 2.

2k * 0.75 = 1500
15k * 5 = 75000

You still only get 1500.

But if you defend and make them use more dragons and/or they don’t get 100% they will lose more troops. So maybe you turn it around and they lost 10k and you only lose 3k

10000 * 0.75 = 7500
3000 * 1.5 = 4500
You only get 4500 since is the MIN

10000 * 0.75 = 7500
3000 * 5 = 15000
Now you get 7500

So I don’t think it would be beneficial to just let them hit.

ETA: unless they are obviously going to win no matter how hard you defend. If defense isn’t successful this change won’t help.


Here is an example

Attacker dies at 50%

Loses 5k troops, kills 1k of your troops

Old calculation:

You earn the smaller so 1.5k glory

New calculation:

You earn the smaller so 3.75k glory

If the attacker kills half the troops they lose or more then the glory does not change between old and new calculations.


This only helps the defender get more glory if the attacker does really poorly (choosing a prime with a much higher def than their atk or dying/quitting early).

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This change basically buffs successful defenses massively

a dramatical example

troop losses: defender 3k, attacker 15k
defender will earn 11.2k glory

this example becomes

at the end, this change made the calculation to be cycled on the attacker’s loss, which was the need


Hmmm, I look at this rebalance and my first thought is that it is suddenly a lot more beneficial for “big” players to taunt, trap, and otherwise shut down “little” players (like me…) This does nothing to encourage up and coming players to go out and get active in Atlas (except for making picking on someone 100 levels lower than them more attractive, I suppose).

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Why do players all read this as only on successful defense?

PG clearly states this is a change to defensive glory. Is there a third or fourth calculation in the ether?

5 flaming a base may not change under new calculation. But if someone kills 100% of my base using 3 dragons…my glory is better. However they killed 100% so the defense was lost.

In order for this change to actually change anything, you need to have killed more than twice as many of the attackers troops than you lost troops. If people attacking you are defeating your base with 2 or 3 dragons and losing more than twice as many troops as you, then you will indeed get better glory (but, I might also suggest, the people attacking you are bad at picking targets).

Can someone remind me what the glory equation for attackers glory is? I was doing some math and know that it can’t be as simple as the number of troops lost * 1.5. Unless I’m just missing something entirely which is not unlikely.

Like if an attacker loses 15k troops and only kills 3k, the attacker doesn’t still get 15k * 1.5 which would be over 20k glory. There’s some other component to the formula I believe.

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Makes more sense. Thanks lol

Attacker loses 15k troops, kills 3k troops

3(.75)=2.25 Enemy troops(.75)
15(1.5)=22.5 Your troops (1.5)
Attacker earns the smaller so 2.25k glory

Oh okay simple enough thank you !

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