Atlas defensive layout

So far I’ve only seen how our bases look when defending an Atlas attack. I searched, but cannot find any references or suggestions on how to view them (either our own or enemies we attack). This seems to reduce attempts at both defensive and offensive strategies, but a few questions for PG and veteran Atlassians:

1.) Is there a way to view either our own or our enemies bases outside of actual defenses or attacks?

2.) Is there a significant difference in buff coverage, layout, etc or is it identical with our meta bases and merely different graphics? ( they actually appear different, but I’ve only had a chance to defend and attack very few so far)

3.). Is it possible, or is there any future effort, to be able to modify layouts different for each environment (meta and Atlas)?

Again… my humblest appologies if these are stupid or tired questions, thanks.


Its your normal base and their normal base. So same as in main game. Only way I know of is scouting them in normal.

The coverage is very similar but not perfectly matched. This is most obvious using things like sand trying for multi spots.

Cant comment on future layouts but I’m game for anything that adds strategy

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Thanks!.. and yeah, I noticed on a few attacks since that it seemed like overlaps appeared to be different… or my aim is just off lol. I am sure when I get rid of the Atlas version of a deer stuck in the headlights that I will focus on strategies for the existing environment, but it seems a shame… or at least a wasted opportunity to not have base editing capabilities in the disparate environments.

I am sure you’ve been told this a ton, but your Atlas guide has helped a ton, so a sincere thanks to you for that too. :+1:

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