Atlas diamond team cheating?

I am not sure if this considering cheating or not, I ask what should we do against this strategy. Diamond team atlas #4 ranked has players going in to their smaller platinum team, they raid our castles we start retaliate, then they move back to their diamond team and come to our castles again. So, I know this is a game, but is there anything we can do against this? Should this be considering cheating by PG? Any thoughts or help about this is appreciated thanks.

Not cheating, just another example of how poorly PG designed Atlas.


Brutal and blunt mike! :rofl::+1:
But undeniably true :man_shrugging:
Unbalanced engagement and zero positional mechanics!
Blah blah blah lol


Not sure the point of leaving and joining another alliance is anymore.

unless they change their name and think folk will not notice…seems stupid and odd

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Probably changes the math of the glory calculation for hitting the castle, by going to a lower ranked team before doing raid.


Ok understood, so at least I’ll make aware of who this team is so everyone knows who is using this cowardly way of gaining an advantage, may help stronger teams then mine knowing what’s going on, fair game, ops not.

think that was changed a while back

2 weeks you keep the highest rank you held in that period might be wrong

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One solution could be, can’t attack a castle for a week or two when you change team, just glory in red, can only defend castles. Yes, these people change their IGN like we don’t notice, I took screen shots, complained to PG and of course they send the same computer answer to FO, lol :joy:

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Not much you can do i would think.

its just folk trying to hide their embarasment at a guess.

What would be the point of this? They keep the worse glory % of their #4 team for a week anyway when they move down.


This aint cuddle dragons bruh.


I am not a kid here crying my man, I am asking suggestion on how to counter this, we hold our ground and fight, we can’t do much against this, we are platinum team, I am here asking help on suggesting a way to counter this, that is all.

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You can’t really counter it on this map under this mechanic set! :+1:

You start by asking for long term offensive objective for our map and positional dominance and positional rank and attacking on a new map because this map will not support long term play it will however eliminate it….:man_shrugging:

Only one solution. If cant deal with it leave the castle behind and move on.

And the result of that is eventually everyone quits holding them!:pirate_flag:
And piracy begins eliminating more and what pirates don’t eliminate stagnation will take care of the rest!
Well all but a handful and then the map is pointless for the vast majority :+1:
Defense as the objective produces degradation.
Kinda won’t support long term play :man_shrugging:

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Again, they don’t want the castles they just continue to raid us and if we retaliate they come again with the diamond team switching players back and forth. I am suggesting that this shouldn’t be allowed.

Yep, sticky glory stays with you……

But it is, hitting down is soft and squishy. I don’t see much hardened warrior in the concept.

PG has made a mess of things, but just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. :woman_shrugging:


Nope….I can have another beer and I really should….lol


I love me some beer :beers:

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