Atlas disappeared again

Anyone else lost atlas again? Icons vanished for some on my teams but not for others. Thought the new land rollout was planned for tomorrow??

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Yes, it’s happening to those with atlas. PG may be doing it early, or it’s because the new season is starting soon

Did they updated already?

Well support know nothing, told me to reinstall my game :roll_eyes: @pgdave @pgecho help please!

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It’s back now. I lost it, too. Then it just came back.

Yep just got it back on both accounts

Sorry about that guys, Atlas should be back now with a game relaunch.

What happened?

A switch was incorrectly set which enabled “test only” mode which we use to verify that Atlas is working properly after an update (before we release it to everyone).

Cool. Thanks. With the towers changing other than intended in the release notes I was curious if something might have changed with Atlas. A switch makes that seem unlikely. :joy:

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