Atlas down? Can’t access


Is Atlas down? Just wanted to head over for the he start of the new mini event and the Maps icon is gone ??? What happened??



new update is being released. So they took Atlas down




Thank you. Nice timing


A short announcement in game would have been great …


Some people got what’s below, and other people got a “Restart Required” “Release” popup, haha, thought I made my game implode again.


Got a Release message box. But never would have linked it to Atlas …:tired_face::crazy_face:


Would be nice if IoS players can get Atlas back, instead of just seeing the popups saying we are being attacked


@PGJared can’t we switch it off until both systems have the update released? That would be more fair to the teams…


In the future, we plan to disable PvP for a little while after the release to make sure everyone has a better chance to upgade and be able to participate in PvP.


Thank you. This will help a lot


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