Atlas Down? Map not loading


Anyone els3 having access problems? Says can’t load map…check my connection…


Same here & for my teammates.


Same here for us


@PGJared @pgdave @pgecho


i Believe it will go down for maintenance every time they add a few more teams. So since S2 and S1 are on slow roll out this weekend we will probably see it go down a couple hours each day


Last time they added, button was taken away?


I can’t access too. It point fingers to my connection. :thinking:


Same here.


Been down a few hours…


It should be back up now. There appears to have been a regression in our latest update which caused Atlas to fail to load when an Atlas event was coming up (but not yet started). It took a little time to get a workaround in place, but everyone should be able to get back in now.


@THUNDERxB0LT The finder pointing at your connection being an issue was a red herring. We’ll get that erroneous error message fixed in a future release.


:hugs:, thanks.
After the game give me an automatic refresh, I magically can acces the Atlas.


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