Atlas downtime during glory event - can this be changed?

Is there a reason why atlas PvP downtime is often during the glory event?

IMO it would make more sense to have this either during troop training (when shields are already up anyway), or if it’s an issue of needing to be during PG work days, then rather during the gear event?


Well now its during last hours of troop event, also not good.

PG typically does it at the time that works best for them/apple/etc., which also happens to screw players over. 2 for 1

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Some updates with down times are bound to apple/android stores. PG can’t pick those times sadly.


No it would not because then it is running during a PvP event which often means you cant join defenses or back teammates which is why they disable wars and Atlas PvP in the first place.

They already do updates during gear events. They are restricted by the size of their updates by Apple and Google so they have to space them out.

The solution would be to switch around the atlas event cycle so that Monday - Friday was Troop training and Friday - Monday was Glory/Gear events and these updates happened during the troop event but between normal game events


Having glory event over the weekend would be way better than during the work week also. This should be an easy win win change for PG. I wouldn’t even mind back to back troop events or whatever it would take to make this happen.


what about increasing time of glory event

That would mess up all the other atlas events

There are hrs gap between atlas end and start new😁 i dont care as long as i can train troops if they do downtown/maintanence whatever heck that means i am saying for players who are crying for atlas pvp disable😊.

There’s only 4hrs between events. I presume the purpose of part of that gap is to allow people to claim any prizes they havent yet before the event menu turns over.
So there isnt a whole lot of time to be gained there

But not between atlas events. The prizes are still there to claim for a while after Hunt for Glory or Troop Training ends until they cycle the menu over to the next event

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:see_no_evil: I should read a bit better, you’re absolutely right.

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It’s, infallible, that PG, in their infinite wisdom, would schedule an update to Atlas during the Glory event with so few days left for players to get that last piece.

When else are they supposed to schedule it? If they did it next week there would be crying over them having pvp disabled the day before the season ends.

People whine so much over such a minor inconvenience. There is still plenty of time to get glory. If losing 1 day near the end of the season is what ruins someone’s plans then they weren’t exactly trying very hard and that’s on them.

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