Atlas during PVP events a discussion

Does PG need to reconsider the way Atlas is treated during PVP?

This is mainly intended as a discussion not a tit for tat argument so try not to chastise people who don’t share your point of view.

Currently and over the last year or so I’ve noticed a vastly increasing trend of swapping/surrendering during pvp. I don’t have the actual numbers but it feels like more troops are killed during the PVP shields up time than during shield down time. Personally I feel that’s starting to distort what atlas should be about and is starting to encourage more economical swapping over actual action in atlas.

I think most would agree that you don’t want to make atlas a 24/7 thing. It would be exhausting and the respite in pvp weeks can be nice.

However I’d like to propose rethinking the following:


Should you be able to drop/raise shields all the time? What’s the benefit to it? Personally I feel they should be up all pvp.


Should you get passage to all castles directly? If so why again what’s the benefit to removing the links we have normally?

Adding guards:

Why can you add guards during pvp? Doesn’t this just promote trading castles during pvp and stopping bigger fights over castles?


Why are you allowed to surrender castles during pvp?

For me I’m all for having a break from atlas during the pvp weeks but I’m not a huge fan of the fact it’s facilitating swapping, surrendering castles etc. I’m open to being persuaded otherwise and I’ll admit that PGs wonderful servers mean swapping is preferable to spending 30 mins trying to move a prim in to attack/defend a raid.


i wanna underline, highlight and bold this part

Smaller teams spend most of their time just defending their castle/castles so it the only opportunity for some of them to get a good amount of glory “guard swaps” it also gives people a chance to work out deals. I feel if forced into doing everything during minor events many more teams would lean towards being pirates.

The smaller players can’t keep up… if there was maybe a division in atlas where diamond and sapphire teams weren’t smashing platinum teams you wouldn’t have as many needing to do swaps during pvp… just a thought but I’m sure there is a better solution and someone more intelligent than me has thought it through… you’d need the majority on board for it to work
Just my thoughts and experiences


In comes positional attacking

Seems to be a reoccurring solution :rofl: hmmmm I wonder why :crazy_face:


But I need my swaps! How els do I max my season!??!!


glares at BroilBoat

But the question I have is with teams needing to swap for glory do they deserve to be getting those rewards?

There’s no doubt that there are multiple other issues in atlas that need fixing as well to mean hitting down on smaller teams is deeply unattractive whilst also not allowing for the easy use of meat shields.

You could still swap in red zones just not on castles.

What atlas should be about?

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Attacking other players/teams and not just swapping guards 10 bubbles deep?

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I agree with you on this, but unfortunately, not everyone else does. Some people just play atlas for the rewards (such as the rider missions, shards from poachers and daily tribute. You don’t even need to get glory to claim those rewards!). Some people can’t devote as much time as some of us do to snipe or get involved in team raids. Some people don’t even bother training troops to fight!.

The problem here is that atlas mechanics (and lag) encourage teams to privilege swaps over real fights, and most of the times casual players will choose to swap, because it’s easier and less time consuming.

I agree with OP, the way atlas work needs to be changed.


Personally I think it should be about players fighting over castles. I feel that the players who get mythic gear should do so from actually killing enemies as opposed to having swapped their way to the prizes and just showing an ability to log in and build troop and arrange hits with friends every other week.

However I accept it is just an opinion and there isn’t an official way to play atlas.

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Yeah, I agree with you. I personally love raiding along my 5TA and killing enemy troops.

The problem here is that the current state of the game doesn’t encourage teams to pursue castles. Needless to say, this is a big problem. A game where players get discouraged to achieve the main goal of such game is a broken game.

Teams swapping guards is a problem, yes, but at the same time is just the consequence of broken mechanics and even bigger problems


And this right here is the true problem. People wanting to change things based on how they feel everyone should be playing. Other than PG, who is anyone to decide how atlas is “supposed” to be played?

Too many people want to be Gladys Kravitz, spying on the neighbors and worrying about what everyone else is doing. Mind your business

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i think this right here is the true problem
people cant even have a civil talk without hissing.


Agreed…but do you think PG intended on Atlas being primarily about swapping troops with a buddy and claiming a bunch of prizes for the effort? I am going to go out on a limb and guess “no”, though perhaps if @PGGalileo is monitoring this thread, he can confirm my suspicion.

Personally, I like the break, but agree with @DrDjGrumpsalot that if CG swapping was curtailed and players forced to get glory the old-fashioned way, maybe more would participate in actual fighting (lag and other issues aside).


Only if you’re going to take it out of context and turn it into hissing and a personal attack.

There’s a lot that PG never intended with atlas.

  • Do you think PG intended for sniping with 500-2000 troops?
  • Do you think PG intended for mega alliances?
  • Do you think PG intended for Pirate teams?
  • Do you think PG intended for Sapphire and Diamond teams to wipe out gold and platinum teams so they can give the castle to one of their lower league allies?
  • Do you think PG intended for teams to sit dozens of tiny primes on a castle to block guards from being hired?
  • Do you think PG intended for sandbagging?
  • Do you think PG intended for a big player to move a loaded taunter to a castle to hit guards and then run off because of low blockade times… actually they may have intended this since they brought it back…
  • Do you think PG intended for the most active players to not even be able to participate in one of the atlas events every other week?

People would participate in more fighting if we didnt have mega alliances but those will never go away


Quoting got messed up so not gonna try to fix it

I think that responding to a question with a question (or series of questions) is not an answer to the original question, but rather defensive posturing. Surely you don’t truly believe that the devs came up with something as elaborate as Atlas simply as a means to get players some cool stuff with minimal effort. Else, they could have added a button where you can watch 30 second videos of other games to get stuff.

You are correct, though, that there are significant unintended consequences of Atlas mechanics that PG needs to address, but that isn’t the point of the OP’s thread.

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I think that’s more of a personal issue if you choose to see it that way. I chose instead to expand on what you said beyond just that one thing. If you’re going to use PG didnt intending something as justification then you should then also be considering all the other things they didnt intend that now make up the whole of atlas.

So then do you feel that Atlas should be a second job in order to obtain these prizes? I think PG primarily made atlas for money, which it brings in tons of. Frankly I think Atlas was one of the worst things they ever did but it’s here to stay and a necessary evil if you want to be even remotely competitive.

My point is that everyone plays the game differently. Some people LOVE hardcore atlas wars, some people love cowardly sniping that takes hours, some people love quick swapping and some people love a mixture of these things. No one should be saying “you need to play it how I play it” or trying to say how it is supposed to be done which is exactly what the underline idea of the OP sounds like to me.
If people want to do guard swaps then fine, though they still have to go out and get enough glory to replenish those guards.